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Month: August 2016

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Cockroach belongs to the  family of insects.Dreaming about cockroach is a mark of your inner cleanness.Cockroach in your house is a symbolic representation of  uncleanness and  lack of  morality.It shows the need of cleaning your thoughts and your inner soul. Let them a way of growing in a pure air.Seeing  cockroach in bed shows that […]
Before Discussing the Dog Dreams, let’s talk about what is dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is an art. It does not have any kind of science. It is a simple process in which combine simple events and images in the dream to get an appropriate meaning. An animal in a dream signifies a person’s emotions feelings […]
In the name of Allah, the most merciful the most beneficent. Here we are going to discuss what is the meaning of the dreaming of snake. Different dreams have different meanings. Dreaming of snake gives different meaning according to the situations and condition in which we are having the dream. Snake in the dream comes […]
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