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A breif description of symbol Tiger dream meaning


Tiger in a dream is a  common sign that  mostly dreamer sees in its sleeping hour at night.Tiger dream meaning in Islamic knowledge shows strong feelings or emotions,aggression, and fear.The spirit of this animal in a dream shows unpredictability about the talent and potentials of your personality.Tiger  dream meaning  act as a great  source of  personal power and strength.Dreaming of tiger also shows female sexuality,anger, and attraction towards anything.The tiger symbol shows birth,fertility,grown and strength.Tiger in the dream shows the sense of dealing your daily life matters.

How the spirit of Tiger dream associated with your life?

Common interpretation of tiger dream meaning:

  1. The major tiger dream meaning is that it shows willpower,personal strength,confidence, and courage.
  2. The figure of aggression or anger.
  3. Unpredictability in life,actions and feelings.
  4. This symbol is also an indication of physical and mental health.
  5. Another feature of this symbol is that it shows some powerful enemy.
  6. The killing of a tiger in the dream represents that in your real life you will get success in all the matters of life.

Different faces of Tiger dream meaning

Eating the fA breif description of symbol Tiger dream meaninglesh of a tiger

Eating the flesh of a tiger  in a dream  means profits, money,respect, and  honor.

Riding on a tiger

Seeing riding on a tiger or a leopard means  receiving money from a rude person.

Tiger’s bite

This symbol shows the pain,obstacles, and hardship.

A tiger in house

In the dream, if someone sees a tiger in the house represents your enemy  that is planning to attack your family.

Tigress milk

Seeing the symbol of tigress milk in  a dream shows  enmity.

Attacking of Tiger

Tiger dream meaning in a condition where he is attacking you shows your bad luck.This indication shows that you will have to suffer a lot in your life.Many failures will surround your life.

Killing of Tiger

The killing of tiger shows the good luck.It means that success is waiting  for you at your doorstep.The prosperity and success will find you everywhere.

Tiger in cage

Dreamer sees the tiger in a  cage,it shows  your conflict with some person that will make your life full of  problems.

Tiger dream meaning shows that someone is regretting upon his sins.This symbol also shows  illness,eye irritation,tricky or clever person and enemy.This symbol figures out the immoral and spiteful characteristics of a person.It also gives you hint about getting respect,dignity, and happiness.The rugs of a tiger in dream give you light about your lifestyle and pleasure.

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