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Black snake in dream Islam


In Islam dream interpretation about animals is a wider subject.Black snake in dream Islam basically indicates about enemy and arch enemy.In a dream of the black snake, the length also matters a  lot.If the snake length is more it means more enemy,if the quantity is less it means the army of an enemy is less.But in some conditions, the black snake also shows the leadership qualities of a person. So the black snake interpretation covers a lot  of various  corner of life in relating to the real world.The black snake dream in Islamic point of view gives the sound of some strong enemy  or strong general of the army.It also shows the  dark or deep emotions of a person.So there are several possible meanings are present about the black snake.

 Description of seeing  black snake in dream

The appearance of a black snake in a dream is the indication of  some deep and influenceable changing in the life of a dreamer.If dreamer sees the black snake in a dream then it shows the emotions of the  persons,moods, and depression.The interpretation of black  snake symbol have both the factors positive and negative on dreamer.On one side it shows the enemy but on another side, it is the beginning of a new day  full of colors of life and blessings.If someone sees black snake then it shows

  1. Sad and depressed state.
  2. The new cycle or transformations in life.
  3. An unconscious or  unknown thing may happen.

 Various aspects of Black Snake in dream Islam

Black snake or black pythons  in dreams shows the general of the  army. It also shows the enemy. It also shows the great power of transformational changes.These changes may be unknown or unconsciously implemented in any form such as taking new responsibilities or engaging  in some new relationship.Black snake is also some sort of threat that is based on some challenging  projects and need of exploring more about self-qualities.It is also the indication of unknown bad situation coming to capture your life.The dream of the  black snake is also showing the dimensions of  your skill and abilities.

If someone sees that the size of the black snake is  small,then it shows a little child.If someone sees the black snake coming out of the hole,it shows the dreamer’s own son. The killing of a black snake in a dream means that destroying one’s enemy.If someone sees the poison of  a black snake,it  shows money.If  one person sees black snake  killed in the streets in a dream, it means that a war. If some see random killing of black  snakes in a dream means deceiving one’s enemies. If the person sees a big black snake in dreams that means that you  have to face some strong enemy.In dream seeing black snake swallowing someone,it means that the person will soon get good position.Seeing black snake sitting on the head of a person in a dream,it means that he will earn respect and some powerful authority.

Seeing Black snake in the dream  in the light of Islamic concept reflects that the person is involved with evil people.In some conditions killing of black snake shows marriage.The symbol of  black snake gives different kinds of information in a dream to make the person conscious about upcoming changes in his life.

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