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Cow in dream Islamic Interpretation


Cow in dream Islamic InterpretationThis article will discuss seeing a cow in dream. This dream contains different meanings according to the situation in which the dreamer sees a cow. If a dreamer sees a cow in his dream, it means that he is going to get seniority. If a dreamer sees the black or a white cow, it means that he is going to get good and healthy cropping.

Cow in dream interpretation

If a cow has a white mark on its face, it suggests that he is going to be tough. The above will be interpretation if a dreamer sees that dream in starting off the year. Cow in dream means the same meaning as mentioned above if he sees a cow who has mixed color spots on its body. If the cow is big and bulky in someone’s dream, it means that the dreamer is going to be wealthy and successful in his life. This dream can also represent the virtuous women.

Seeing a cow in dream in a weak and thin state, this represents the deficiency and shortage. If a dreamer is drinking the milk of cow or eating its meat, it suggests that the dreamer is going to be successful in life. Eating fat of a cow can represent that he is going to earn a lot of profit in the current year.

If a dreamer sees that the cow has horns, it represents disobedient women. If a cow permits the dreamer to pull its milk, represents granting benefits. On the other hand, if a cow declines a person to pull its milk suggests that disharmony and tension.

Meaning of Cow in dream in Hindi

Cow in dream meaning suggests the profit in silver or sugar industry if a dreamer sees a white cow in a dream. Seeing red cow in a dream suggests that the dreamer is going to suggest profession of things progressive in red color.

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