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Dream interpretation about crow in dream


Most of the people see the crow in their dream.Crow in dream is a symbolic representation of death,narrow-minded or evil actions.In the dream, the crow shows the characteristic behavior of  a person.A crow in a dream shows the evil nature,close-fisted,proud and arguing nature of a person.Crow in dream  is mostly the presentation of death,failure, and  conflicts.If the crow is screaming in a dream so then this is the sign of some loss or major changes in the relationship.In dream seeing  lot of crows is the indication of happiness and  huge development.In this article different views of crow in a dream are discussed.

Meanings of crow in dreamDream interpretation about crow in dream

The crow in a dream is basically is  a symbol of sadness and negative aspects of your personality.This may be a message  from your unconscious  mind that is interpreted as an alert sign about your own  self-unfavourable factors to get rid of them.Most of the time the crow is showing some liar,arrogant and miserable person.On other hands, it is the symbol of great hidden talents of your personality.This also shows that the dreamer is blessed with high wisdom.

Various interpretations associated with crow symbol in dream

  • If someone sees the crow hunting in  a dream it means that the earning  of money is from an unlawful source  like corruption and bad actions.
  • If the dreamer sees that the crow is standing  on the roof  of one’s house in a dream it means that his wife has a secret affair with his friend.
  • If the dreamer talks with crow in a dream it means that he is praying to have a son who, when grows up  earn a money from unfair source.
  • In a dream, if the dreamer sees several crows it means that  good profit will be earned.
  • If a woman sees the crow in her dream ,it shows that the person who he loves is unfaithful and insincere.
  • If the dreamer catches the crow in the dream ,it is interpreted as an obstacle covering in your life.You may have to face terrible problems and loss in your life.
  • If the dreamer eats the meat of a crow in the dream ,it reflects that you will get all the things thatbelong to you that may be any property or business.
  • If the dreamer sees the baby crow in his dream it is the sign of poverty,sad news and miserable condition about your life.
  • If the dreamer sees that he is fighting with the crow in his dream it shows that he has some strong conflict with the person in some important matter.
  • If the dreamer sees  crow in more than once in their dream it shows misfortune or misleading .So one should be aware of the people surrounding him.

Crow in dream represents different representation depending on the circumstances of the dreamer. If the dreamer is  young and he sees the crow it shows that he will meet with a cunning woman. Crow in the dream is not only the symbol of death or some negative thDream interpretation about crow in dreaminkings  only but it also shows the  good luck and  happiness.

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