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Dream Interpretation Black Cat in islam


In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful. Here we discuss dream interpretation black cat. Here is a question what does a cat in the dream means? A cat in a dream gives different meanings according to the beliefs of the peoples and culture. There are many controversies related to the cat dreams. Some believe that cat in a dream represents as a protector and a servant to the dreamer. Others take is as a robber who is going to be stolen  anything or something is going to harm the dreamer.

Different Situation Of dream interpretation black cat

Killing black cat in dream

Killing black cat in a dream by the dreamer represents that the dreamer is being cursed or is going to be cursed. The killing of the cat in the dream also means that some enemies are being discovered or about to be discovered. Dream interpretation black cat and killing of the same black cat indicates that dreamer is going to get a punishment.

Dream about black cats in houseDream Interpretation Black Cat in islam

Wandering of several cats in your house represents the directionless life of the dreamer. It shows that dreamer can have the more directionless path  and  it can also mean confusion in dreamer’s life. If there is a kitten, then it shows that dreamer is being blessed or dreamer is showing generosity to someone in real life. Black cat in the house does not indicate any specific thing.

Big black cat dream

Dream interpretation black cat in big size represents that dreamer is surrounded by violent and aggressive enemies. If can also means that the neighbour could dangerous for the dreamer intentionally or unintentionally.

Dreaming of a black cat following me

Dream interpretation black cat following you indicates that you are facing bad luck or you are going to experience in near future. Bad luck is a kind of superstitious to many people. If someone is not superstitious then how can he believe in a black cat? and if someone is then how can the black cat be ignored.

Black Cat adoption

If a dreamer seeks a cat in a dream, then it can be due to the memory of the dreamer about the cats. Maybe dreamer was thinking to adopt a cat or to give shelter to a stray cat. Dreamer might be much worried or confused regarding this matter. Such type of dream can be seen by the dreamer because his mind must be engaged in the thoughts of this activity. The color of the cat does not matter in such dreams, either it is black or another colored cat in the dream.

So dream interpretation black cat in Islam is the symbol of  fate.It also shows the symbol of the fight between husband and wife.

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