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Dream interpretation cats in Islam


Cats are considered to be the symbol of misfortune.Dream interpretation cats is a symbol of  independent spirit,feminine sexuality,creativity, and power.Cats in a dream show illusion,delusion or feelings good about something.A cat in the dream also shows your inner wishes like  looking beautiful and  being loved by anyone.Dream interpretation cats illustrate the  banal woman who likes herself.If the cat in dream steals something from her master it means  he  may pay  some fine or have  the fight with relatives or children or some robbery will be taken place.Dreaming about cats has the various interpretation that is discussed in this article.

Dream about various cat Behaviors

Eating cat meatDream interpretation cats in Islam

If someone in the dream is eating the meat of a cat,it means that he will learn black magic.

Scratch or bite of a cat

The scratch or bite of a cat in a dream means that one will be betrayed by his servant.If the cat bites a person then it shows illness factor.

Aggressive cat

If the cat is aggressive in a dream then it means that the dreamer has some problem with feminine aspect.

Black Cat

Black cat in dream signals to the bad luck on one hand but on the other hand, it also shows prosperity and success.

Fighting with cat

To see fighting with a cat in the dream it shows long illness and deep troubles surrounding your life.

Cat and mouse

If the dreamer sees the cat and mouse together,it means that the dreamer will get out of a fear conditionDream interpretation cats in Islam
of being attacked by the enemy.

Selling of cat

To see in dream selling of the cat,it shows that the dreamer will spend his money.

Killing of  the cat

To see in the dream the killing of a cat,it shows that the person will get power over his enemy.

Entering of cat in a house

If the cat enters the house in the dream it means that a thief will enter into the house  and stole the things from his house.

Dream interpretation cats have various aspects depending upon the circumstances of the dream. If someone buys the food of  a cat in a dream, it shows the great sense of responsibilities.Cat in the dream also shows your fear. The interpretation of dream cats is the combination of good luck,fear, and love.Dream interpretation cats in Islam

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