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Dream Interpretation Mouse -A Scary Animal


Dream interpretation mouseWhat do mouse dreams mean? Dream interpretation mouse is the symbol of our inner fear about some problems coming in life. A mouse in the dream is also a signal of the girlfriend or some woman in your life.

Mouse in the dream shows the great strength of dreamer about overcoming to the hardness of his life. Dreaming about a mouse is also an indication about some bad situation. Dream interpretation mouse is related to the minute problems of our life.

Description of Dream interpretation Mouse

The mouse is a scary animal. Many people feel fear or frightened to see the mouse in real life. Similarly, this fear is also associated with the dream interpretation of mouse. Mouse shows your weak power or fear to handle some difficult situation. It tells that the dreamer is not confident about its own self. But on the other hand, it also predicts the strong power to change his weakness to more powerful strength.

Seeing mouse in the dream is also the symbol of longevity. The color of a mouse in the dream is also another important aspect of life. A black and white mouse color shows the good day or day and night. It White color of mouse shows the profits in the business. Whereas black mouse shows that the dreamer will have to face some minute difficulties in making his business at the successful position. If the dreamer sees that the mouse is digging a hole in a dream it means that theif will come to take off the things from his house. To see that the dreamer is catching the mouse is the prediction of his marriage. If the dreamer sees the mouse being killed by himself or by someone else, it means that he will get rid of an evil nature woman. To see the mouse in the clothes shows the sex relationship of the dreamer with some woman who is not good for him. A mouse in the dream also shows the sins of the dreamer. The skin of the mouse in the dream shows the small amount of money earned through unlawful ways.

Mousetrap in dream

Mousetrap in the dream shows that the dreamer is caught in the difficult problem. This dream shows that the dreamer can find out the solution of his problems. It is possible for the dreamer to make a good decision to take out of the bad situation.

Throwing something at mouse

Throwing an arrow or stone or something else at mouse it means that the dreamer has a company of backbiters or it may have friends who are not good natured persons.

Family of mice in dream

To see the family of the mouse in some house or in some place is the representation of death. It also shows that the gathering of the woman or some part going in the house.

Dream interpretation mouse is all about the different aspects of life. It also shows the earning that is earned from the woman. If the mouse in a dream is playing inside the house it means money and getting relief from the unhealthy condition. So the dream of a mouse is the indication of the dreamer fear, earning ways, fighting with difficulties and housekeeper.

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