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Dream interpretation Sharks-A Scary Fish


Sharks are a dangerous Aquarian creature.Dream interpretation sharks show that you fell unprotective among people.Sharks in a dream show anger,unfriendliness  behavior , and fear.Sharks are the representation of bad time duration.It shows your struggle to keep your relationship at the safe place.Sharks in a dream is a prediction about  a person who is selfish,greedy and insincere with you.Dream interpretation shark is also a symbol of death.Sharks shows power and positivity in a sense f creativity but on the other hand, it shows the negative side of your personality too.It reflects that you are so much aggressive and you need to control over this negative aspect.

  • A warningDream interpretation Sharks-A Scary Fish

Sharks in the dream are warning to beware of the person who gains financially deception such as a loan.

  • Sharks in pool

To see the sharks in a pool is the symbolic representation of luxury,feelings of calmness and relaxation.

  • Shark Attacking you

In a dream, if someone sees that sharks are attacking him it means that unexpected accident may take place.It is the sign of great danger.

  • Sharks in circle

If someone sees that sharks are circling  around him and waiting to attack it shows that you are going through some stressful condition at your workplace or in your life.You are hopeless and depressed to handle any situation.

  • Shark bites

The bites of sharks in a dream represents different views.one is related to health and other is related to your co-workers.Shark bites show that you must pay attention towards your health otherwise your health will go down.In the office, some of your co-workers feel jealous from you and they want that you should leave the job.

  • Surviving your life

In a dream, if someone is fighting with sharks in order to make him alive,then this shows that you should handle your situation  with patience.Dream interpretation Sharks-A Scary Fish

  • Shark Attacking on others

If someone sees that he is turning into a shark and attacking others it shows that in the job you take advantage of others like real estate or stock trading.

  • Shark on land

If the dreamer sees that the shark is on land it means that you are out of the situation that is full of obstacle or difficulties.

Dream interpretation sharks is a scary symbol but it is full of mix interpretation good and bad.If the dreamer sees sharks in the pool or pure water it shows the viewer desire about sexuality.If someone sees a dead shark it means that you will defend yourself so bravely in front of your enemy and you will get a victory.


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