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How dream about bear is related to your life.


Islam is a religion that covers all the codes of real life.Animal topic is also one of them.Dream about bear  can easily be interpreted in Islamic point of view. Bear belongs to the animal kingdom.The bear shows the power,bravery,peace,evil nature and  dishonesty.Dream about bear also indicates  a very arrogant and dull woman who finds pleasure in entertainment and in  bad things.A bear in a dream also represents the traveling and returning from some journey.Dreaming about bear expression also shows the success and good luck in near future.

Meaning  of  dream about bear

The interpretation of bear in a dream represents both the signal positive and negative.As bear is a wild animal by nature,so the nature of bear can also be related to the inner of a dreamer.In some conditions, the dreaming about  the bear is the self-mirror image of  the nature of the dreamer.If the dreamer sees killing of the bear in a dream,it means that his enemy will  have to face loss.If someone sees bear chasing him ,it shows that the dreamer is very brave and his potential abilities are speechless.This symbol also shows the arguing condition and gossips behind you with your friends.Seeing a bear or group of a bear in the dream,it shows that the person  will be blessed with a child who is the high achiever.Dreams about bear represent someone with a physically ill health,who is evil and deceptive.A bear indication in a dreamer is a reminder of the spiritual strength,power, and growth of the unconscious mind.

Attacking of a bear

In dreams attacking of bear represents that you are dealing with strong competition and aggression in life.This shows the potentials  of a person to deal with bad conditions.

Koala bear

Dreaming of Koala bear in dreams shows that  you will be very lucky in love and friendship.

Polar bear

Dreaming about the polar bear in the dream shows the double mind state of a person who suddenly  become very angry and aggressive  at his own family.

Bear with Cub

Dream about a bear with cub shows that as a mother you are very  protective of your children.Its shows your love for your children.

Riding on bear

If the dreamer sees that he is riding on the bear shows that you will handle  a business  that is going in loss.

Bear Trainer

Seeing the trainer who is training the bear,it shows the teacher  who is giving his knowledge and advising you to make your  character strong.

Interpretation of dream about bear shows different dimensions  about the personality of the  dreamer.It is necessary to understand this dream  by discussing  all its  features and factors.Islamic interpretation of dream about bear

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