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Influences of Dreaming about lice-A detail description


Lice-It is a very common dream in daily life.Lice are mostly known with the names such as nits and fleas.Dreaming about lice shows prosperity and success.If the dreamer finds lice in his short in a dream,it means the rebirth of leadership position.It also shows the careless behavior of a person.The nits or eggs of lice mostly represent the hateful people who are surrounding your wife and making her mind polluted with false talk.Dreaming about lice also gives the representation of one’s own relatives who backbites and divide the family.Many people ask questions related to the dream of lice.So the article dreaming about lice will help them out in order to interpret their dream about lice.As louse is a parasitic creature and they require a host to multiply their existence.

Orientation of different aspects of dreaming about lice in real world

A colony of lice in a dream represents punishment.Dreaming about lice is also associated with the feelings of guilt,frustration, and depression.If one sees lice attacking him in the dream and suddenly he wakes up from sleep ,it means that he will never get rid of depression and all the trouble making difficulties in his life.Marching of lice in dreams shows the symbol of blessings,wealth,relief from difficulties and removing of all worries or sorrows .If in the dream the dreamer gets allergic to lice and starts itching,it means debts.Seeing  the lice on the floor indicates the weak people.If the group of lice surrounds the person in the dream it means he is mixing with some bad people.If the lice are being hated by the dreamer in the dream,it is the signal of making him alert to remained conscious about the enemy attacking but as a result of being attacked,the enemy will not cause him any harm.If a ruler or a policeman see lice in their dreams,it shows their helpers.In a dream,if lice fly from the chest,it shows that his employee will run away from his place or business.If a large lice come out of the skin,it shows the losing of one’s life.If you see lice around your head and down the spine indicates that  you have to face some strong and challenging difficulty.Different interpretations are related to dreaming about lice depending upon the status and various circumstances of the dreamer.

Interpretation of dreams about lice:

Lice on pets

A dream in which you see the lice on your pets or on other animals is the indication of great bad luck.

It shows the time duration of great hunger,pains, and financial crises.

Talking lice

Seeing the lice talking in the dream or you have any conversation with lice indicates unpredictable revelations.

Lice Eggs

Dreaming about the  presence of nits or lice eggs in your hair is the representation of good fortune.This shows the signal of prosperity and success.

Lice on pillow

Seeing lice on your pillow or bedsheet is a symbolic representation of your relationship with your family member.It shows that you are again reunited with your old family links.This also shows that harmony and better changes will capture your life.

Unable to see lice

If you dreaming about lice in a condition where you have lice but unable to locate it,then it the symbol of this creature shows negativity.It means that you may have to face loss and have to do some sacrifices in your life.

Dreaming about lice  generally shows a great source of good luck and blessings.For the teacher, lice is a representation of his students.Lice is also in an identity of unhappiness and displeasure in relationships.Influences of Dreaming about lice-A detail description

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