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Interpretation of seeing lion in dream


Seeing lion in the dream in Islamic point of view

It shows strength, courage, power, dignity and leadership in general. According to the Islamic interpretation of seeing the lion in the dream  have a different interpretation depending upon the factors of a person. Whereas Lioness shows hope, victory and determination. In Islam seeing the lion in the dream have different sense or meaning like dreaming of riding on the back of lion means high tide.

Seeing  Lion in dream description in different conditions

Seeing lion in dream in the light of Islamic interpretation have following different presentation such as

  • Fighting Lion:

If a person sees a fighting lion then it means that he will have to fight with some enemy.

  • Killing Lion:

If someone sees that he is killing a lion then it interprets that all his sorrows are ending.

  • Riding on perfectly obedient lion:

It shows that dreamer has one to one fight with some ruler or enemy.

  • Being Overwhelm by a lion:

It shows sign of fever. According to an explanation of Ibn-Siren lion is also the symbol of fever.

  • Seeing lion at house:

If someone sees the lion at his own house in dreams it shows that he will get the high position in the world.In another condition lion entering into a house where someone is ill indicates that the patient will die. So  if a lion enters a house and if that beast attack on the dreamer then it indicates that he will be the victim of some injustice, his money will also be stolen and maybe  he will kill by some ruler.

  • Seeing lion in cage:

Lion in a cage in some one’s dream,means his success level depend on upon the effort that he is putting in his life.

  • Listening to a Roar of lion:

It indicates the unexpected high position and also having the prediction of coming of a woman in his life.

Seeing lion in the dream is a huge dream interpretation area. Seeing lion in dream indicates power or some
great force or warrior and greedy enemy.Interpretation of seeing lion in dream

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