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Meaning of Dream of horse according to the knowledge of Islam


The spirits or symbols of animals have their own significance in dreams. Interpretation of Dream of horse according to Islam is that it shows highly motivational sense. This dream indicates a strong feeling of passion about achieving any goal in life. The horse is a symbol of honor, respect, and regards. The horse is a powerful animal as it is used in wars. Seeing horse in dreams is a symbol of prosperity and victory over the enemy. Riding on horse shows honor,dignity, and wealth. The meaning of horse in dream changes depending upon its use.

General meaning of dream of Horse

  • Dream of horse meaning generally represents:
  • A strong driving force that helps you in proceeding in life.
  • Sexual energy
  • Strong emotions and desires.

A horse in a dream shows person’s status or rank, glory, victory, power and dignity. If someone rides on the horse in a dream it shows that he will get the new project and complete that project successfully. The horse represents the inner strength of the dreamer that will help him to fulfill all his goals. The interpretation of the dream of horse have negative and positive factors depending upon the situation of the dreamer.

Interpretation of dream of horse from various aspectsMeaning of Dream of horse according to Islam

  1. Seeing death of a horse: It shows loss of business and house.
  2. A hairy horse: In the dream, a hairy horse represents a very large family.
  3. A horse running very fast: Seeing horse running too much fast in a dream shows that your life is full of comfort zones and happiness is all around you.
  4. Horse having two wings: In the dream, this indication shows that the dreamer will become the emperor of his state.
  5. Seeing long tail of the horse: In the dream, the long tail of horse shows that the dreamer will have a large number of followers.
  6. Mounting a horse: If a person sees his own self-mounting on a horse, it means that the person will get honor,dignity, and respect. The Prophet(SAW) said about the securing and owning of horse:
  7.   “The horse, surely, its back is a means of honor for you and its stomach a means of      fortune.”
  8. Limbs of the horse: This shows the power of a person and influence on others.
  9. Fighting horse: If the dreamer sees a horse fighting with him in a dream, it means that he will do a serious crime that will become a great cause of misfortune for him.
  10. A horse having spots: Seeing a horse having white or black spots shows that the person will continue his business again.
  11. A horse having tail cut-off from the end: This is the bad indication for the dreamer, it means he will have to suffer from the pain of the death of his children.

In dreams, the color also matters. The color of the horse has also some significance while interpreting the dream of a horse.

  1. A horse in white: A horse white in color shows the start of some new beginning. It’s a kind of hope for the dreamer to avail good opportunities in life.
  2. A horse in black: If someone sees a horse black in color, it shows that he will get wealth and happiness.
  3. A horse in brown: This symbol shows that the person will travel to some land and there he has to face many hardships.
  4. A horse in red: The indication of red horse is the best one among all colors. It is a great source of good luck for the dreamer.
  5. A reddish-blackish horse: Seeing a reddish-blackish horse in dreams shows the interest of the dreamer towards its religion.

Dream of horse shows power,grace,beauty,strength, and respect. The horse is also a very strong symbol for sexual expression. The signal of the horse in dreams is a great source of happiness and glories.

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