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Snake dream interpretation in Islam


Snake  belongs to the family of animals.Snake dream interpretation  is a very common dream that most of the time dreamer face during the sleeping hours.Snake in dreams shows the enemy that is powerful and energetic.Snake is a symbol of hate,enemy, and jealousy.Dreams related to snakes also shows your inner fear.Dreams about snakes also show the changes that are surrounding the dreamer in his life.If in the dream the dreamer encountered  any threat from the snake,then it shows that you are facing difficulties in handling the situation.Snake dream interpretation is deeply discussed in this article.

Snakes often reflect the current condition of your life.If the dreamer sees the baby snake then it is the reflection of your child time period.If the snake in dream changes into a person,it means that the person must have to give up the bad habit.If the dreamer sees the snake in rising condition then it means that some conspiracy will be taken place.If in a dream you are hypnotized  by a snake it means that your rights  are going to be maintained.If you see the children playing with the snake in a dream,it means that you can easily create the difference between your friend and your enemy.

  • If the dreamer sees the dead body  of a snake around the corpse,then it shows the passion  of the dreamer that is not completely utilized by the dreamer.
  • If you see the snake in the garden or river or field,this indicates that somebody in your life is being disloyal to you.
  • If you are swallowed or eaten by the snake,it shows that you have upset many people around you.
  • If the snake is poisonous,then this shows the inner fear of the dreamer.
  • If the snake is around your body, it shows that you are getting indulged in some sort of love affair.
  • Dreaming of snakes  in the grass shows that you will hear some bad news that will upset you which involve stress,frustration, and depression.
  • If the snake is on the floor, then it shows the bitterness in your life. Due to which you are feeling sad and incompleteness in your life.

Snake dream interpretation  shows your emotional state and also about your enemy.In an interpretation of dreaming about snake many factors has to keep in mind.Snake dream interpretation in Islam

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