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What does it means when you are Dreaming about cats


By the Grace of God, I am going to discuss today the what does it means when you are dreaming about cats. Cat in a dream represents the dreamer inner perceptions. By seeing the health of a cat you can tell that how much you are believing in your perception. You see a sick cat in the dream it symbolizes that you need to listen to the inner thoughts of yourself other than to follow you mind. A cat in a dream ha different meanings. Different dream interpreters tell different meaning in for the dreams of a cat.

What does it means when you are Dreaming about cats

Different Interpretations for Dreaming of Cats

Dreaming of cat also means that you are having a girlish feeling. Having a very soft heart and self-determining soul. It can also mean that you are having a very creative mind and a great in control on yourself. It can have some bad meaning like it is can also mean some kind of hard luck. You have some kind of weakness. Our kind of dishonesty and have some wrong feelings.

In the dream, if you are searching for a cat and you didn’t find it means that you are very capable of doing everything alone and independently. It also means that you are independent but something is holding you back from moving on and to feel free.

Dreaming about cats in Islam

In dreaming of cat gives different meaning according to the event which is occurring in your mind.

  • If blood is coming out your skin after scratched by the cat means is a symbol of an enemy is coming into your life.
  • If you are selling your cat to someone else means that you are spending so much money.
  • If you are eating a cat it means that you will be learning a magic soon.
  • If you see that you are turning into a cat means that you will earn money from stealing from other peoples.
  • If a cat is entering into your house and take something from there means that your house being robbed bay some robber and the thing cat is taking with him will most like be taken away.
  • Fighting a cat means that you will be having a long fever and tensions which give you are a relief after a very long time.

Dreaming of cat and kittens means that you are wanting to get to the world and stop being a child. You want to become an independent person and to move on in your life.

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