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What is Mouse dream meaning in Islam


The spiritual meaning of mouse is scrutiny. Mouse see everything through a magnifying glass, very close and personal. The mouse is a fearful animal because it is the food for many of other animals. So the symbolic means of the mouse is that there is some situation or something in your life that you need to look at closer. Mouse dream meaning is that your personality is shy and timid personality. You want to do best to avoid making any disturbance about your personal environment. Mouse dream also means that we feel miner to those around us and lose our self-confidence and belief. What is Mouse dream meaning in Islam
When you saw a dream in which you caught a mouse it means that people around you are taking benefits from you and cannot give you respect that you deserve. Dream of a mouse also symbolizes that there is some matter that is obviously small but requires our attention.

In your dream, you may have.

  • Dead mouse dream
  • White mouse dream
  • Black mouse dream
  • Mouse medicines
  • Catching a mouse
  • Mouse eating
  • Tried to catch a running mouse
  • Set a mouse trap
  • Seen lots of mice
  • Killed a mouse

Explanation and mouse dream meaning.

When you saw a white mouse in your dream this indicate the happy marriage. If you saw a running mouse in your dream it means that you might have a night without rest. In a dream you caught a mouse in a trap it means that you getting a bad news in a letter from an irritated friend.
If you are killing a mouse in a dream it means that you may have a good news and you will receive some unwanted guest in your home. If you saw a dream about black mouse it means that somebody in your family is stealing from you. When you see the mouse eating that means that you will soon get a surprise.

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