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An illustration of the meaning of dreaming of being pregnant


Pregnancy  is an element that is associated with a woman giving birth to a child.Dreaming of being pregnant is a very common dream that most of the people see.People are really concerned about the dream interpretation of being pregnant.Pregnancy dreams are mostly the symbolic representation of yourself or about some aspects of your personal life that is growing and developing.Dreaming of being pregnant shows the  birth of some innovative and creative idea,project, and goal.In dreams being pregnant also indicates the receiving of respect and prosperity.In this  article, the whole description of dreaming of being pregnant will be given.

New beginnings in your life

The dream of being pregAn illustration of the meaning of dreaming of being pregnantnant shows that a new life and creativity is needed. Pregnancy often  represents a new path in life and it tells you that everything will be started from scratch. It shows that  the transactional changes will take place in your life.If you see in a dream that you are passing through pregnancy test it means that you will take some new position or you will be promoted to new rank in your job.If you feel fear to get pregnant in a dream it shows that you are not mentally ready to handle the sudden changes in your life.

In dreams pregnancy in is the stage of getting known to your unhidden potentials and talents. The other factor of this dream is related to the man.If a man sees himself being pregnant in the dream,although this is a very unrealistic vision but this dream shows that the person should get ready to deal with a hard time and try his best to get escape from that time period.If a woman sees that she is pregnant,it means that she will lose her virginity before marriage or it shows that  she will marry an unsuitable person.

Dreaming of being pregnant also shows the woman’s success and  a  hint of achieving her goals in life.It also means prosperity and materialistic status.

Seeing that someone else is pregnant

In the dream, if the dreamer sees that someone else is pregnant,it shows the gap in the relationship between the two people and also a hurdle in getting your goal in life.

Giving birth

If dreamer sees giving birth to a baby in labor it signifies that the person will get success in his project.It also shows the desire of a dreamer of having a child in the real world.

Giving birth to a non-human creatureAn illustration of the meaning of dreaming of being pregnant

To see in the dream giving birth to a non-human creature is really  horrible and terrifying.It shows that you are facing a lot of difficulties in your life.It also means that you are nervous or concerned about the health of your child.

Miscarriage in dream

If you dream of miscarriage and in real you are not pregnant,it shows that whatever you planned in your life  did  not go as expected.You need to do changes in planning the goals of your life again.

Abortion dream
To dream of having the abortion in the dream,it means that you are going to stop your growing strength and feel hesitation in pursuing a new  life direction.

Dreaming of being pregnant shows different interpretation depending upon the condition of tAn illustration of the meaning of dreaming of being pregnanthe elements that the dreamer see in dreams.If a young girl sees herself be pregnant it means that she will get a very handsome husband.If a man sees his wife be pregnant it shows his desires for success.Pregnancy in the dream also shows the increase in knowledge and wisdom.It also shows the emotions of being madly in love.

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