Dreaming of someone else having a baby

Dreaming of someone else having a baby

Dreaming of someone else having a baby

When we are talking about dreams of babies, then we know that the meaning of the topic. Because the meaning of topic is doubled that’s why the topic is very confused. But we discuss here as much as possible. In my relatives, my grandmother sees a dream someone has a baby. And the result is that she pregnant after some days. On the other hand, similarly one of my friends sees a dream his sister gave birth a child. And you cannot believe, she pregnant after few days. If you want to know the baby is the boy or a girl. Its depends on the dream. The cloth of the baby of the dream.

On the other hand, if we discuss deeply baby seeing the baby in the dream it may mean, a new person come in life. It is a symbol of coming to a new person but this is not about must, may be a new person or any new thing will happen.

Detail discussion about Dreaming of someone else having a baby

Dreaming of someone else having a baby

In this conversation if someone sees a baby in his dream or someone’s friend and any relative have a dream about the baby, it also means that any death. Because if someone new person comes will come then any of them will die. If you and anyone see in a dream babies. It may represent your immaturity or may be showing your aspect of still maturing or developing. It may also represent, someone neglecting you, ignoring you. You feel someone not loves you. Maybe you want more lives as before. There is also a possibility of your incense, your positivity.

Actually, Dreaming of someone else having a baby is a very confuse dream because there are too many interpretations of that type of dreams. It also represents you will pregnant very soon but on the other hand, it also shows that someone will die and a new person will replace of a death person.


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