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Dream interpretation accident-A reflection of sadness


“Accident” what a terrible condition.Dream interpretation accident is an unpredictable and unfavorable condition.It is the sudden incident that makes anyone senseless for the time being.People wake up from fear when they saw accidents in the dream.Accidents in a dream are the warning sign for the dreamer .Dream interpretation accident is also related  to the factor of anxiety and showing  an unwillingness  to take any responsibilities of life.

Dreaming about an  accident is a reflection of your past and it shows your  feelings of fear from anything bad that is associated with your past.If the dreamer sees that the car is crashing suddenly and lose control then it is the indication that you are not aware of the danger in your life. Accidents show your guilt on any action and fear of losing something in your life.

Various situations of Dream interpretation AccidentDream interpretation accident-A reflection of sadness

The different situations of accidents are discussed here.

An accident of dreamer own

If the dreamer is cutting some fruits or vegetables and suddenly cut off her finger or a situation comes that bike lose control and an accident took place,it shows the danger and the fear state of the dreamer.

If the dreamers see himself  becoming the victim of an accident then this is an indication of fear that will harm to the dreamer.This shows the subconscious state of mind of the dreamer in which he feels a fear of  the situation that becomes the reason of sadness for him.Actually, accidents also show the careless behavior of the dreamer due to which the chances of getting something wrong are more.

Accident at sea

Dreaming about an accident may have different approaches depending on the situation of the dreamer.If the dreamer has fear of blue sea then in its subconscious state of mind most of the time he will see the accident at sea.If the dreamer sees  himself be drowning in the sea ten this is showing the emotional feelings of the dreamer.It also shows the disappointment and hopeless condition of the dreamer.It shows that in past the dreamer sees the disappointment in  getting the love of someone  special.

Car Accident

A car accident or car crashing is showing the anxieties and fear of the dreamer from driving a car.It also shows  that dreamer has to face many hurdles and obstacles in achieving the goal.Car hitting with any other object shows the enthusiasm of the dreamer in getting excel in the life.

Plane Accident

To dream of the plane crashing in the dream is the indication of not completing the project in  the given time duration.It shows  that the dreamer is not in a position of holding everything in his control.He loses conDream interpretation accident-A reflection of sadnesstrol  over some situation of life.It represents the fear of not completing any task in the limited time  duration.

Dream interpretation accident is the mixture of anxiety and fear of the dreamer.It shows the careless attitude of the dreamer and  having feelings of disappointment.But it also shows the good vision of the dreamer.Accidents are always unfavorable circumstances and feelings of worries area associated with this symbol.

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