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Gun dream interpretation


Gun dream interpretation
Who can think about a gun in a dream? Gun dream interpretation is not the common nightmare dream at bedtime. Using guns by the military in wars for killing the enemy force or to protect their country. by Many people commonly use guns to keep their self and their property safe.  Gun dream interpretation is a portrait of anger, aggression, and distress. Guns are a dangerous object. Guns in the dream also give the impression of power.

Gun dream interpretation<a href=” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Machine gun dream interpretation

To see the machine gun in the dream  looks very common when anyone is in the  armed  forces, but other than seeing machine gun is interpreted as the symbol of the male sexual organ. It is also presenting the view of unfavorable or deleterious words and statements.

Fire or shooting Gun dream interpretation

If the dreamer sees that he is shooting a gun in the dream, then it means that you are going to lose your status or respectful reputation. If the dreamer hears the sound of the gun, then it means that your selfish nature is becoming the reason of sadness or unhappiness between you and your better half. The conclusion of this interpretation is also associated with the business matter too. Selfishness becomes the cause of your failure in business. If the woman sees the dream about gunfire, then it shows that the dreamer has to face some sort of fight and may be met with some nasty person.

Toy gun dream interpretation

To see the toy in the dream is the speaking power of wishes of getting authority and rewards. You want to become the leader or ruler of some state.

Gun dream interpretation is also showing the anxiety and fear of the dreamer. Dreamer itself do not know about the reason of feeling distress.

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