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Interpretation about Crocodile in Dream



Crocodile in Dream
When you saw a crocodile in your dream it indicates the new beginning or upcoming changes in your walking life. Crocodile in the dream also indicates a danger sign in some way. It may be a caution or the warning about the feature. This type of dreams is not favorable. According to the dream book of ibne serin crocodile in the dream represent a policeman. If you saw a dream in which crocodile is in the water it represents that a person who is your friend or not but no one can trust him. Crocodile in a dream also represents thief or an untruthful dealer.
Crocodile in the dream also represents a traitor. One sees crocodile pulling him into the water in the dream where he kills him it means that policeman caught him and kill him and steal his property. One escape from crocodile it means that he escape from such a danger in his real life. If a crocodile pulls someone in the water in a dream it means that an authority person forces him to do something he dislikes.

Situations of crocodile in dream

There are many of the situations of the crocodile in the dream some of the discuss below.

  • Being bitten
  •  Concealment
  •  Fighting a crocodile
  •  Mothering
  •  Running away from alligator /crocodile
  •  Snapping crocodile
  •  Being insincere
  •  Subconscious fears
  •  Swimming with a crocodile
  • Thick skinned

These all of the dreams have their own meanings being bitten means that you are being warned about the danger. Concealment means that hidden of something, it may be your hidden power or talent to process. Fighting crocodile means that you are not afraid of the danger it also indicates that you are having an inner struggle about some sort. Running away from a crocodile means that you are afraid to facing a fear. Swimming with a crocodile means that you are afraid to express your emotions to someone.

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