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What does dream of flood mean


You can find different meanings about the dream of flood according to the situation and kind of a dream. Seeing this dream suggests that the enemy of a dreamer is going to create violence. It can also mean that the dreamer is going to get damage and annihilation from his enemy. Seeing floods in dreams indicates that he is going to set ride on striving tour. Seeing water goes towards the river indicates that he will get a chance to run away from a very aggressive foe. If someone sees that he is gathering water of a flood and the people around are pleased on his act. Means that he will get nutrition from people in richness. It can also mean that he will get diet or nutrition in the days of shrinking or steadiness in cost.

Dream of flood inside the house

If a dreamer sees that he is doing battle with a flood and stopping it from entering into a house, means that he will fight with someone to guard somebody’s household. Seeing a dream of flood inside a house represents that the actions that he did before will provide him advantages in the near future. Seeing floods in dreams represent dishonesty and falseness.

What does dream of flood mean

Different perceptions about dream of flood

You can find different meanings related to your dream in different books and magazines. Therefore different situations will come in front of your eyes. Some of the interpretations of mostly seeing situations of dream of flood are:

Watching flood in a dream shows that the dreamer is going to get a fluid sustenance like milk, honey,

  • Seeing dream of flood when there is no season for flood, indicates that the dreamer is showing results of cerebral effects.
  • This dream can also mean that the dreamer is ensuing spiritual revolutions. Dream of flood outside the house and the dreamer is swimming to come from his house, indicates that he will set himself free from a cruel.
  • If people force someone to go back to his house shows that he must have to be careful in house.
  • This dream can also suggest the dreamer that he must remain calm. Cool down his head and he should not battle with his superior.

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