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As a Muslim, we all have believed that Qur’an is a miracle book and cover-up all the major aspects of life . Animals Dreams So the interpretation of the animal dreams is also a complete science in the light of Islam. We see different animals in our dreams. The animal actions in our dreams have a greater impact on our life. Depending on the situation of animals in our dreams we can easily interpret it according to the knowledge of Islam. Human’s dreams about animals have revealed much about the meaning of a particular dream. Animal Dreams .Animals represent your deeper emotions and desires. Different animals have a different interpretation. As if someone sees alligator then it shows that some distress or some conflict condition will be present. If someone sees bear than it is the symbol of some danger. Dreaming of a bull means that you have greater energy to fight with any problem. If some see his-self riding on a lion’s back it means that he/she will ride on a high tide.Animals Dreams So different animals symbolize different interpretation in Islam.