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Category: Baby Dreams

Dream science in Islam is really an infinite field.Baby Dreams, in general, reflects protection and safety. Carrying a baby irrespective of baby boy and girl in the dream is a symbol that some though situation may occur and shows that in future the person may have to take some burden for a while and then after many hardships he/she will get success. Similarly, if someone sees a baby carrying in someone’s arms then it means that victory will come for him or her. Similarly baby dreams sometimes also shows weak enemy who sometimes shows friendliness but meanwhile internally in a state of enmity If someone in the dream sees that his wife is giving birth to a baby and baby is playing around him then it means some misfortune or bad time will come. Carrying a baby also shows investment and financial investment. Dreaming of loss of a baby indicates opposite in a real life. Baby Dreams also means joys, pleasures and earning respect.

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On October 24, 2016
First of all we will discuss that the dream interpretation of baby.  Babies are innocent and seems like most beautiful blessing in the world.  Baby dream interpretation is the manifestation of warmth and new beginnings.Dreams about babbies are the demonstration of our spiritual health, innocence, and loving nature.  Dreaming about babies means showing your immature aspect . they […]
There are several meaning associated with the dream about babies. When you saw a baby in your dream it indicates the new beginning. It also indicates the innocence, warmth. Babies indicate something about your inner nature that is pure. Dream about babies also symbolize the new ways of thinking and the new ideas.  Baby’s dreams […]
Dreaming of someone else having a baby When we are talking about dreams of babies, then we know that the meaning of the topic. Because the meaning of topic is doubled that’s why the topic is very confused. But we discuss here as much as possible. In my relatives, my grandmother sees a dream someone […]
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