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Dreams from one’s Self or it are also called as One’s own mind. These kinds of dreams are also called as “Dreams from Nafs”.This is a type of dream in Islam that means, these dreams are the result of one’s own thinking. These dreams are mixed up dreams that have no real significance or meaning when it comes to interpretation. These are basically the creation of one’s own mind. According to the description of Ibn e Khuldun, Self dream are pictures in the imagination during sleeping. These pictures come out from intellectual visions so called as dream visions. Some time it may happen that some wish or some incident that have some effect on her mind, then we saw those things in our imagination while sleeping. Any think which occupies our mind for a long time, any extreme wish, any fear which might be preserved in some corner of our brain might turn up in strange shapes during the dream. These dreams deal with our near or distant past and have nothing do with future. These dreams also have sub categories like. As a result of some fear,Self Dream a person saw such dream in which he get afraid,similarly constant thinking on some subject also have some influence in the thinking of a person that he saw in dream.