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What does it means when you are Dreaming about food


Talking here that what does it means when you are dreaming about food. Food in dreams in a general sense a sign of richness and too much money in time in which we are in trouble. Seeing food in your dream is fresh and crispy it means that you will be having success in your business life. You just need to focus on your work and you will definitely get rewarded for your work. This is your best chance for doing something. In the dream, food is spoiled it means that you there will be some difficulties in doing your professional work. There will some kind obstacles which you have to cross for achieving your goal. But in the end, all will be fine. Dreaming about food have different kinds of meanings for the specific conditions and events. Each food in the dream represents a different meaning.

What does it means when you are Dreaming about food

Different interpretations of Dreaming about food

Dreaming about food also means that to enjoy your life you have to depends on upon the others. You are not alone capable of enjoying your life. You have to ask other peoples to give you some money to do something new in your life. In the way in which we eat our food in the dreams also means allot in our daily life. If you are eating food in a rush without any manners it means that you are in need care of the others. You are in need of their time who are close to you.

Eating food in dream Islam

There are many things in which come in eating food in dream Islam. Which are

  • If a person in a dream is eating in the dream for some other person’s hand means that you will probably be having a disability that you can’t eat your food with your hand. It is a bad sign for the dreamer.
  • Eating food in the dream means that your will be having some kind of problems and you will easily solve these problems by winning the heart of the other peoples by simple acts of helpfulness.
  • If the food in your dream is very oily and you feel very greasy feel in it means that your troubles in which are coming in your life will stay for a long time. But you have to stay focus and work with full heart to overcome these problems.
  • Eating a sour food will give you meaning that you will have a full dedication toward your work.

Dream of someone giving you food and it tastes sour will means that you will be having great regrets in your life. You will be having many troubles and problems will be coming for you.


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