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Christian dream interpretation – Christianity also has knowledge about dreams


Dreams have reality. They are the signs of keeping us aware of our life. Christian dream interpretation is also related to the facts of our daily life. Every religion tells the importance of the existence of dream and their interpretation. Similarly, Christianity also has knowledge about dreams.

According to the Sid, Roth dreams are the call of God. Every and minute object in a dream has its own importance. They have words and power to indicate the directions of your life. On this platform, you will get the knowledge of dreams in the prospect of Christianity. Every color matters a lot according to Christian dream interpretation.

Christian dream interpretation

Theory of colors in the light of Christian dream interpretation


Red color has a mixture of good and bad interpretation according to the knowledge of Christianity. It shows wisdom and power whereas its negative interpretation is anger and war.


In the wisdom of Christianity green an indication of growth, prosperity and conscious and also it shows the factor of jealousy and pride.


It is the symbol of purity, love, victory and spiritual energies for the dreamer.


Yellow in the dream is an indication of hope and mind abilities. It shows that a dreamer can increase the skill and the dreamer also have the creative abilities.


If the dreamer sees the objects in black so it is a representation of death, mystery, and worries. Dreamer should take care of himself and the people around him.


White is an indication of honor, holiness, maturity, purity and wisdom. It shows that the dreamer has really positive sense.

Importance of different objects in the light of Christian dream interpretation

As the dream is the indication of voice or message of God for His good people, its importance cannot be denied


If a person is sleeping and he or she sees jewels in the dream than it is the voice of God for the dreamer that he is a follower of God Almighty.


Lion in a dream in the eye of Christianity is the figure of bravery, loyalty, strong determination, confidence and the leader shipping qualities.


As the home is a place of shelter so in the dream home is the representation of Holy place and prayer such as the Church.


Key in dreamer is the symbol of authority, power to excel in the various fields of life.


To see the horse in the dream is showing your strong strength, power and conquer. It is also a symbol of strong and good defensive plan for wars.

Christian dream interpretation is the answering voice from the Lord for the people who are finding peace and spiritual healing for all the confusions, complications, disappointment and worries. It is a way of linking their inner soul with the teachings of Christianity and to their God.

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