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Dream about birds-A symbolic representation of love


What is the representation of birds in dream?.Dream about birds has different cycles to interpret that have some existence in our life.The general interpretation of the dream about birds is that it is the sign of  your goals ,hope,love, and urge to achieve something  in your life.It gives you information about the bright colors of your life full of joys and happiness.Many people in their life see the dream about birds and are very queries to know about its interpretation.Dream about birds indicates wisdom,harmony,full of positive energies to get your desired goals and liberation.

Most of the time the birds symbolically represented as:Dream about birds-A symbolic representation of love

  1. A sign of freedom and release from something troublemaking.
  2. A great source of creativity and artistic exposure.
  3. A sign of spirituality.
  4. A power of high imagination.
  5. A symbol of wisdom and knowledge.
  6. A  higher ideals and noble character.

How birds are related to our life.?

How dream about birds have influences in our real life.?The meaning or interpretation of dreaming of birds depends on the context in which the bird appears in our dream.Some people see birds flying so high,some listen to the chirping of different colorful birds or some sees their own self-turning into a bird.So different sense of vision is related at the dreamer side.Birds also act as a messenger in many dreams.Birds give us messages to guide us in our life such as:

  • Spreading of wings in dreams gives a sign of new adventures.
  • Making our vision to move on a new educational goal or learning some new skill.
  • Nesting” of birds shows that we should pay attention towards our health and home.
  • Giving  us the warning to improve our communicational skills in order to get success in our life.
  • Seeing beautiful and colorful bird in dream gives us a sign of a marriage.Dream about birds-A symbolic representation of love
  • Birds without feathers and having no ability to sing make us conscious about being dominated by some richer person.
  • Seeing birds flying higher shows prosperity in your life.
  • Feeding birds in a dream shows the signal of encouragement and supporting the idea of overcoming of problems.

Various situation of dream about birds

Singing of a bird

In dream singing of  a bird represents that the dreamer will get knowledge and listens to good and valuable words.

Killing of a bird

Seeing killing of a bird in a dream shows whatever goals you have decided in your life will be fulfilled.All your dreams of wishes will soon welcome you.It also shows freedom from something bad.

An unknown bird

An unknown bird  in a dream is the representation of  angel of death.

Dead bird

Seeing a dead or a dying bird in  a dream represents  failures  and disappointment factor in your life.

White bird

If someone sees the white bird in a dream then it means that his soul is pure and the work he is doing is also very worthwhile.It shows the honesty and spirituality of  a person.

Flock of birds

To see the flock of birds in a dream in Islam means money and power.It also shows that the source of earning wealth is good.

Colored birds

To dream about the birds having different colors shows the mix actions that have positive impacts and also bad impacts on the life of a person.

The bird in cage

To see the bird in a cage is a representation of sickness and illness.

Baby birds

Seeing baby birds in a dream show your feelings in which you feel totally helpless.It means that you are in a situation where no one is helping you.You are standing alone to handle that situation.


Seeing black birds in the dream show some bad news that may be related to the death of someone you love or maybe your loss some projects in your life.

Hatching from the egg

Seeing the birds hatching from the egg shows that something new will take place in your life.It shows that your past have no more exist in your life and  a new beginning will be coming in your life.

Yellow birds

Seeing yellow birds in the dream shows prosperity,good luck,wonderful time and profit in financial affairs.On the other hand, the landing of the yellow bird shows troubles and misfortune.

Blue birds

The blue birds in a dream represent the high desires and spirits of the dreamer and also shows the sadness of a dreamer who is passing through sufferings.

Dream about birds-A symbolic representation of loveNature of different birds

Parrot symbol in dream

Dream about parrots in the dream shows an unjust and a liar person.A parrot in a dream also represents an elegant,beautiful and lovely woman or a handsome looking man.It also shows the indication of a philosopher man.It also shows that the dreamer has a very sincere slave.

Crow symbol in dreamDream about birds-A symbolic representation of love

Dream about crow  represents the wisdom and intelligence of  a person.The dream about crow is not a very common symbol in dreams.It represents the high intelligence state of a person.But on the other hand seeing the crow in  a dream also indicates about bad luck.Crow in a dream also shows migration and separation between beloved.The crow in dreams also shows narrow-mindedness and showing one’s evil actions.

Peacock symbol in dream

A peacock symDream about birds-A symbolic representation of lovebol in dreams shows a beautiful or wealthy woman.A female peacock in the dream shows  a bride, children, and  wealth.It also shows expensive jewelry,clothing,a pretty wife, marriage, and children.

Sparrow symbol in dreamDream about birds-A symbolic representation of love

A male sparrow shows a dangerous person whereas a female gender shows an evil woman.In general, it shows an ignorant and unjust ruler.The holding of the sparrow in the dream shows that the thief will be soon captured by you.It also shows that your life will be full of  love and comforts.

Eagle symbol in dream

As eagle is a king of all birds,it represents the victory against your enemy.It is aDream about birds-A symbolic representation of lovelso an indication of stress and troubles in your life.Having an obedient and trained eagle in the dream shows prosperity,honor, and power.Listening to the cry of an eagle means to fight.Eagle in the dream is also interpreted s the symbol of longevity,innovation, and success.


Pigeon symbol in dreDream about birds-A symbolic representation of loveam

Seeing  hunting of  a pigeon in a dream shows adultery.Pigeon in dreams is an indication of glad waves.In a dream, this symbol shows  a truthful friend,a loving beloved and a messenger.Pigeon is also an indication of  one’s devotion towards its work.

Dream about birds sometimes also shows the beautiful wife.It also shows the birth of a baby boy.Dream about  birds shows love,innocence, and positive impacts.Different interpretations reveal the various aspects of the dream of birds.The color,kinds, and position of a bird also matter a lot in the interpretation according to the teachings of Islam.

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