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Dreaming of fire in Islamic point of view


A dream is a combination of different elements.Dreaming of fire is also one of the elements that most of the time dreamer sees in their dream.Fire is a symbol of  purity.Fire is a factor that not only represents bad happenings but also shows  good happenings.Dreaming of fire shows different interpretations.In a specific way,it is a symbol of  purification,regeneration,revival and destruction.Fire is also an identity of changes in life.Dreaming of fire also shows the anger element of a person. Fire symbol is unique in its interpretation as many aspects of real life is related to this object.

Meanings of Fire dreams

Dreaming of Fire has various meanings depending upon the different objects in the dream.Many people see a fire in the form of flames,some see a fire in campfire form,some sees burning of some object,some sees firecrackers,so people reports many different orientations of fire in the dream.If someone sees a fire in a dream it may reflect love,glad tidings, a warning,war,sins and power.If someone sees any product being touched by fire  in its process of manufacturing or  cooking some food then it shows long arguments and discussions on some matter.If someone  sees himself worshipping fire in the dream,it means that he loves war and he is  a man of his needs.Eating fire in a dream  shows that the person is earning money from unfair means.The flame of the fire is the indication of light that  guides us in life.

  1. Common Dreams about Fire. Dreaming of fire in Islamic point of view
  2. Dreaming about the house or some building on fire.
  3. Dreaming  that you are in hell.
  4. Escaping from a bush fire.
  5. Seeing a fire engine.
  6. Seeing a bonfire.
  7. Seeing that you are in the dark room surrounded by fire.

Dreaming of Fire description

  • Seeing burning of fire in a dream and from the light of that burning people  get guidance then it means that the person who tried to enkindled the fire,will spread knowledge and wisdom that will b the source of guidance for other people.
  • Seeing fire that catches up the particular town or house and flames  destroyed everything then this is the bad indication.If the fire has no flames and it destroyed some things and some objects remained still  unharmed,it shows accidents and  deaths.
  • If a person sees in dreams that the fire is  falling with flames and smoke is covering the sky,it means something bad will  happen to that place.
  • If dreamer sees the fire without flames,it is the representation of some disease.
  • If someone sees the combination of fire with water,it means that  the person  is trying to solve its personal issues.It also shows that the person is trying to save  his family from being cheated by anyone in business dealings.
  • Seeing  campfire in the dream shows  sharing and companionship.It shows that the person needs friends.
  • Seeing  fire as entering in the hell in dreams shows the sins of a person.If the dreamer sees that the hell fire is coming near to him,then it shows difficulties, losses, and fines.

Dreaming of fire generally shows love and care but different factors make this subject a huge area to understand.Islamic interpretation deeply explains this symbol according to the teachings of Islam.If anyone sees a fire in the dream then he should get its proper interpretation from some knowledgeable person.

  Dreaming of fire in Islamic point of view

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