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Dreaming of gold explanation in Islam


Discussion about dreaming of gold is becoming popular. Dreaming of gold contains different meanings in different books and magazines according to the scenario of a dream. If a dreamer sees a slab or a brick of a gold, it indicates that he is going to lose his money. This dream can also suggest that the dreamer is going to face suffering or distress. The size of suffering or distress depends on the count of slabs that the dreamer has found. In contrary to this, this dream means that his leader or head will enforce him to do something evil or sinful which the dreamer will not want to do.

Different Scenarios about dreaming of gold

If someone sees the gold which is melting, indicates that he will be disturbed due to some scandal. Scandal will become a reason for everyone in a city to gossip about him. Dreaming of gold about house that everything has been made of gold shows that his home will burn soon. Seeing that he is constructing gold slabs, some evil or wicked will come in his life. Just because of that evil, he will be ruined and demolished. Dreaming of gold about hands that the hands are made of gold. Demonstrates that his hands are going to be immobilised.

Dreaming of gold explanation in Islam

Other explanations about dreaming of gold

Seeing that eyes are made of gold, signifies that eyes of a dreamer are going to be vision-less or sightless. If someone sees that he has found gold from some place is a very good dream. This dream indicates that the person you like is realistic and truthful. This dream can also represent that your projects will be completed with a fruitful benefit. Dreaming of gold that you have lost it means that you are trusting a person who is not capable for your trust. Seeing that the dreamer is wearing a chain made of gold reveal that he will become a head or chief.

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