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Explanation of Dream meaning in Hindi


Different kind of dreams contains different meanings in reality. Dream meaning in Hindi is quite different. There are many books and magazines available in the market, which explains the nightmare and dreams of different condition thoroughly. Type of dreams matters a lot.Dreams are interpreted in many languages according to the religious point of view.Every dream has its own importance .Dreams play an important role in the real life of  peoples.In Hindi,different categories of dreams are present to help people in interpreting their dream.

Explanation of Dream meaning in Hindi

Various dream meaning in Hindi


A dream having a monkey in it shows the extent of faults in person. Monkey also represents culprit or offender. Dream meaning in Hindi with having a monkey in it shows different cases. If a person is fighting with a monkey in a dream shows illness. If a monkey wins then it means falling of person in incurable illness.

Meaning of dreams snakes in Hindi

Snakes in a dream represent that people around, possess the threat to the dreamer. It may also show the quality of dreamer, that how strong and smart dreamer is? If snakes bite, then it means the heavy loss is near. Dream meaning in Hindi when a person has caught the snake shows that person is very brave.

Marriage dream meaning in Hindi

Dream meaning in Hindi when an unmarried woman sees herself getting marry, it represents that a woman is going to be very happy in near future. When a woman sees another woman marrying, it describes jealousy amongst both. It means the birth of a female child when a pregnant woman sees herself getting marry. If a man sees another woman getting marry, it means the man is in love with the marrying woman. Marriage in dreams is one of the complicated situation to understand.In Hindi dream  of marriage or wedding shows some depression,anxiety, and negative feelings.

Seeing yourself to being attending the marriage or wedding ceremony  shows the new beginning or  change coming in your current life.If you see the  wedding or marriage cake in  your dream,it shows harmony.Different ideas are present related to dream interpretation of marriage.

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