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Explanation of Islamic dream meaning


Islamic dream meaning

Islamic dream meaning is a  one-way  road map to analyze  your past with your future condition  and it is 146 parts of  prophecy. Dream  in Islam is a complete track that has some impact in your real life.Many different opinions are present in our society about dreams.Dreams are considered to be one of the most confusing terminologies but in Islamic teachings, it is  a very clear factor.Dreams have different meanings related to the thought or circumstances of  a person.When we sleep it means  that our soul is partially  absent from  our body and  when we wake up it comes  back again.So our sleep is near to half death and our soul  daily tastes this.

Elaboration of Islamic dream meaning

Islamic dream meaning is  a vast section that clearly explains the significance of dreams.In Islamic knowledge, the dream is classified into main three types.

  • True dreams blessed by Allah Almighty to guide someone.
  • Dreams that are the voice of Shaytan.
  • Dreams that are based on mind own thinking  style of  a person’s whole day.

True dreams are from Allah Almighty in order to show his followers,  a way that leads him to the right destination of his life.These dreams are mostly for the  man who is fair  in  his  dealings  and have  a great fear of Allah and the day of judgment.There are few signs of true dreams  such as:

  • Many people see the same dream several times in deep detail.
  • The person immediately wakes up from the dream, because the mind starts connecting the dream with the real life and feel some shock that wakes up the body.This  may happen anytime in the night.
  • A good dream often comes at the close of the fajir. But the false dream can occur anytime.

Some  dreams are results of the influence of  shaytan.He runs from the blood  of  a person and can interfere with the neurons of mind and even have the power to  release the quantum energy level  waves in the mind.The recitations of verses of the Quran will keep the person away from the shaytan.The Prophet(P.B.U.H) has said  that if anyone sees  a bad dream or evil dream,let him spit three times on the left and  seek Allah’s refuge from shaytan.

Some dreams are from the person’s own thinking. Such kind of dream is self-created.

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to present  interpretations of dreams experienced by himself  as well  as from  his companions.They proved to be true in real world.The Prophet(P.B.U.H) said  about dreams;”That  will be  because the Prophethood and its effects will be so far away in time,so  the believers will be  given some compensation in the  form of dreams which will  bring them  some good news or will help them to  be patient  and steadfast in their faith”.

Some dreams can also be related to non-Muslims. For  instance, in past the dream of Pharaoh  about Hazrat Musa(A.S) and the dream of the king at the  time of Hazrat Yusuf(A.S).These dreams  show the honor  the believers  like  Hazrat Musa(A.S) and Hazrat Yusuf(A.S).

In Islamic dream meaning ,the interpreter also plays  an important role in the explanation of dream related to the dream.If someone sees any dream, then he should discuss it with some  sincere and good interpreter instead of explaining it to everyone.Explanation of  Islamic dream meaning

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