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Illustration of Dream translation in Islam


Dream translation in Islam

Dream translation in Islam plays  a major role in the real life. Many  people have different views about the dream interpretation, they think that dreams are not real ,just a myth  or stories that have no existence in  life. But in Islam, there are many facts present that can easily reveal the importance of dream  in the light of Quran  and Sunnah. Surah Yousaf in Quran is one of the  greatest  evidence of dream translation in Islam.  Allah Almighty  blessed Hazrat Yousaf(A.S)  with the power to interpret the dreams.Three kinds of dreams are present.

  • One from Allah Almighty.
  • One from Shaytaan.
  • One from one’s self.

Clarification of dream translation in Islam

Dream translation in Islam has different significance in the light of Quran and Hadith. Dreams have different interpretation according to the situation or condition of a person. Telling a wrong interpretation or telling a lie about the vision of dream is very strictly prohibited in Islam. In reference with the saying of Prophet (SAW) narration about the translation of dream lying is that whoever tells  a dream that he did not have seen will  be punished on the day of judgment. If someone sees a dream than he should concern it with  the proper interpreter  who  have  proper knowledge and wisdom of Islamic  knowledge. Many  quotations and narrations are present related to dream translation in Islam.

It is well said in Hadith that;”The truthfulness of the dream is related to  the sincerity of the  dreamer. Those who have the  most  truthful dreams are those who are the most truthful in speech.” Imam Malik  mentioned that the interpretation of  a dream not only depends  on the dream itself but also on the one who dream it. In Quran and Hadith  solution of all problems are present. So the solution of  the bad dream is  also mentioned in the light of  Quran and  Hadith. It is  narrated by Hazrat Jabir that:

“If anyone of you sees a dream that he dislikes,let him spit on his left three times and seek refuge from Allah Almighty from the Shaytaan  three times and turn  over from the side on which he was sleeping.”

On dream translation  in Islam contain   lots of traditions according to the teachings of Quran and Hadith. Prophet(SAW) had also predicted many dreams.Dream translation in Islam contains following famous narrations.

  • Narrations from Abu Huraira.
  • Narrations from Abu Qatada.
  • Narrations from Ibn Umar.
  • Narrations from Ubada Bin As-Samit.Illustration of Dream translation in Islam

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