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Interpretation of teeth crumbling dream


Teeth crumbling dream

Teeth crumbling dream  generally shows feelings of powerlessness.It means that some decision that the dreamer have made in his life is going to affect its daily life matters such as business, health ,body and job. On other hand falling out of teeth, meaning is that the dreamer will have longevity. Teeth crumbling dream also means fulfilling one’s promise. Falling out of all the teeth from the mouth but catching them up in one’s sleeve or seeing falling on the knee represents that the dreamer will live long and having a large family at home. Similarly, different interpretations are present about the teeth crumbling or teeth falling out.

Teeth crumbling dream interpretation

Teeth crumbling dream represents that a person will have a long life,having an honour and peaceful well-organized life. Dreams about losing teeth interpretation according to Ibn-E-Sirin is that if a person sees his front teeth falling  out or dropped onto  his hands or laps or on the floor and even then  not get dirty,it  reflects that the dreamer will have another brother or sister or son.It also means that your family will expand. Other interpreters describe the loosing of teeth in the dream means payment of debts and it is also the indication of fighting or arguing.

If someone finds a lost crumbled teeth in a dream it means that some migrated persons will come to stay at his home. If the teeth are falling out from the mouth of some healthy person or travellers, it means that he will have to face some disease but no death or some difficulty will capture him. Instead of teeth falling out from some ill person shows that he will recover up soon from illness. Extracting out the falling teeth means that the dreamer is not supporting his family or spending unwillingly.

Teeth crumbling dream interpretation is a huge area  to understand. Teeth breaking without  pain shows your harmful or worthless deeds.Interpretation of teeth crumbling dream

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