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Islamic Dream Interpretation and Meaning


In the name of the Allah the most beneficent and most merciful. May his blessing will shower upon us. May Allah forgive us all. Before telling about Islamic dream interpretation we discuss what is dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is the process of telling the meaning of the dream.  Dream interpretation requires very vast knowledge clear concept that what is the meaning of the dream. This knowledge depends on the religious knowledge, moral and a culture of the person.

Islamic Dream Interpretation and Meaning

What is Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation meaning is, all the knowledge, is according to the Quran and Sunnah. We follow what is written in the Quran or we follow what our Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) told us to do.

Islamic Dream Interpretation is a method to describe the meaning of the results according to Islam. The person who is interpreting the dream should tell the meaning of the dream according to the teaching and sayings of Islam. He should have a vast knowledge about the Islam. The person should understand the dream it and check according to the knowledge of the Islam. The interpreter should not give a wrong interpretation of someone’s dream. It will be a sinful act to interpret a wrong dream.  Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that ” A person who relates to a false dream, he will be made a tie a knot between two grain of barley which he will never be able to do”.

Islamic Dream Interpretation Ibn Sirin is the most popular in describing the meaning of dream according to Islam. Although he does not write any book, infect he write a compilation of Abu Huraira’s (R.A) narration from Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and with the opinion of the Abu Huraira’s (R.A) sayings.

For the Islamic dream interpretation, a person should know that there is three kinds of dreams which are

  1. Good Dreams (Runyan)
  2. Bad Dreams (Hulum)
  3. Dream from one self ( Self-Dream)

Islamic Interpretation Good Dreams

A good dream of are the dreams which come from directly from Allah Almighty. In Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said that “The true dream are the Allah and bad dream are coming from Satan(Shaitaan).”

A true believer of the Allah will get a good dream. A good dream requires full belief in Allah. The person should be spiritually pure and morally correct. A good dream is a message from Allah to his man. A person should be happy to get a good dream. If dreamer sees a good dream he should tell the other people about that dream. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) told us that, “If one sees a good dream, let him expect good and not tell it except to those he likes.”.

A person should tell only a good dream to the people who likes. He should not tell the people who he dislikes or the people which are their enemy.

Islamic Interpretation Bad Dream

A bad dream is a dream which directly comes from the Satan(Shitaan). A bad dream is a dream which the dreamer does not like it. Or the dream which disturbs the dreamer. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that ” If a person sees a bad dream stand up and offer pray.”. If a person sees a bad dream he should not tell the other people about that dream.
If a person sees a bad dream the dreamer should pray from Allah and does not tell anyone else. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that “If a person sees a dream which he dislikes, then he should take refuge with Allah and he should not tell to mention it to anybody, then it will not give any harm or loss.”.

Islamic Interpretation Self-Dream

Self-dream  is the dream which a person sees himself. These are the dreams which are related to the person who is watching that dreams. These are the thoughts of the dreamer which are coming in his mind.

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