Islamic dream interpretation crying

Islamic dream interpretation crying

Islamic dream interpretation crying

Islamic dream interpretation crying enclosed a very deep wisdom that have some  effects in  our real life. We see many dreams in our life   some are based on reality and some are our self- created thoughts.

In Islamic point of view if someone sees   in dream that he is crying then it reflects about   sorrow and distress condition. Similarly if someone cries because of the fear   of Allah Almighty   in dream it means that he will   get happiness and joys in his life. So different aspects of   dreaming about crying interpreted  differently   keeping in mind the situation of a dreamer. If you see others crying in your dream it shows that they are seeing towards you for some help or aid.

Islamic dream interpretation crying explanation

Islamic dream interpretation crying

The knowledge about  Islamic dream interpretation crying gives information about  your life. If the dreamer sees his own self in crying state it means that the person is losing his emotional sense. It indicates that the person is coming out of its frustration condition. Seeing crying in dream also shows your deep emotions such as love affairs. Crying dream also give information about the earning source that shows corrupt business dealings. Crying also shows cleanness as water represents emotions and tears are the fluid of deep sensational feelings. If someone sees   his self-crying in dream but no tears it shows that he will be in the state of regret for something that he has not done in the past. If someone sees his-self crying with the sad tears it shows someone’s death. Similarly if someone shows crying with happy tears it means that he will gain something   good and challenging that changes his life. If someone sees a person who you know is crying in dream indicates that you will comfort him or her through your good will. Seeing you crying is a symbol of happiness, joys, fortunate and cheerful time for you in future.

Islamic dream interpretation crying   in general shows that crying is a symbol of pleasure and happiness.



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