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Islamic dream interpretation the moon


Islamic dream interpretation the moon

The basis of all Islamic education is deeply dependent upon the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.Islamic dream interpretation the moon is  a vast range according to the teachings of Islam.The moon in dreams is a symbol of a ruler, a great scholar, a handsome looking boy or a liar.Islamic dream interpretation the  moon has the different translation in the light of Islamic knowledge.

Islamic dream interpretation the moon significance in the light of Islam

Islamic dream interpretation moon has distinct meaning depending upon the circumstances.

Seeing off the moon at the beginning  of the Islamic month by some sick person means that he/she will recover soon. Walking on the moon in a dream shows the love for someone’s mother. A full moon shining in the sky in according to the Islamic dream interpretation shows that the prime minister of that place will be good to his people. If a dreamer sees that he is   hanged on the moon, it means that maybe he will die. Seeing changing moon into the sun in the dream means that a person will get benefits, money, joy and prosperity in relating to the mother or wife’s side.

If a woman sees that the moon is falling in her house and she is catching that moon, it means that she will give birth to a baby son who will die in  a very short time after his birth and she will suffer great sorrow as a result of this loss. If a dreamer sees the moon turned to the dark side in a dream shows retirement of the chief from his post. Similarly, If the moon disappears in the skies in  a dream, it indicates that person’s business will come to  an end.Seeing brighter or radiant moon in skies in a dream means justice and prosperity.

Islamic dream interpretation moon is indicating  many prospects of life in relating to the condition in which a person sees a dream. In some time it shows prosperity but on the other hand, it also shows the dark sides of life.Islamic dream interpretation the moon

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