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Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream interpretation

Why it is important to have dreams during sleep hour.? Islamic dream interpretation is a collection of different aspects of our life that is related to the real world. Our thoughts have its own language of symbols that are in the form of dreams. It is important to interpret every dream along with all minor details. Before starting to understand the Islamic dream interpretation let see that what are dreams.?

Dreams are series or chains of ideas, emotions, images or imagination power and use of sensations that take place in mind during sleeping hours. Many types of research are still going on the dream that how and why they exist in a scientific point of view and also in many religions to discuss. But on one thing everyone has committed to science as well as in religions that dream has some existence and influences on our life.
Sometimes dreams are the message of God for His followers and sometimes they are just the images of our imagination or wishes that depend on many parameters to judge the kind of dream. According to modern science dreams are the connections or links to our unconscious state of mind. The length of the dream varies approximately to near about 20 to 30 minutes. Dreams occur most probably in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). In REM time the people see more of the dream. An average person sees dreams in 3 times in a day. Dreams have its own existence depending upon the circumstances of the dreamer.

The basics of all the knowledge of Islam is Quran (the Holy Book of Allah Almighty). Islamic dream interpretation is all about the knowledge and wisdom related to the Quran. Dreams have some existence in our life. They are the messages from Allah the Almighty for His good followers. Islamic dream interpretation tells the importance of dream in our life. Ibn Seerin wrote many books on the reality or the existence of dream in our life. The witness about the existence of dream interpretation is present in the Holly book of Muslims that is Quran. In Quran, there is one Surah named with Surah Yosuf. This Surah is totally related to dream and its interpretation. Hazrat Yousaf(A.S) is blessed with the power of wisdom and knowledge of interpreting dreams that are related to the real world.

Ibn Seerin was the Islamic dream interpreter. He wrote many books on the reality or existence of dream in the light of Islamic knowledge. He was simultaneous of Anas Ibn Malik.any other famous Islamic writers are present who told the logic and reality of a various dream in the light of the references of Quran and Hadiths.

Islamic dream interpretation books on the importance of dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation book is a massive sector that is full of knowledge, facts, and information. A huge volume of books related to Islamic dream interpretation is present. In Islam, dreams have given proper importance. The basics of all the Islamic knowledge are related to Quran and Sunnah. Dreams are based on three main categories good dreams, bad dreams and self-created dreams. According to the verses of Sahih-Al-Bukhari mentioned in the book named as “Book of interpretation of dreams”; volume 9, book 87”.

“A righteous good dream that comes true is one of the forty-six parts of An-NUbuwwa. The importance of dream interpretation can easily be understandable by the saying of Prophet (SAW). The Prophet(SAW) said:” A good dream that comes true is from Allah and a bad dream is from Shaytan, so if anyone of you sees a bad dream, he should seek refuge with Allah from Satan and should spit on the left, for the bad dream will not harm him.” So many verses indicate’s the greater value of Islamic dream interpretation as in Quran Surah Yousaf is also present. One of the famous writers whose knowledge about dream interpretations considered to be more valuable is Ibn-Siren. He wrote many books on Islamic dream interpretation. His most famous book is “Dreams and Interpretation”. Another book he wrote is “Tabeer Ur Roya”. Many dictionaries are available written by Ibn-Siren. In this book dream narrated by Ibn’Umar: I saw in a dream a piece of silken cloth in my hand and in whatever direction in Paradise I waved it, it flew, carrying me there. I narrated this dream to my sister Hafsa and she told it to the Prophet who said to Hafsa. Indeed, your brother is  a righteous man, “or indeed, ’Abdullah is a righteous man.(Bukhari).Similarly, many writers write on Islamic dream interpretation . Another book on Islamic dream interpretation that is written by Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips having a title “Dream Interpretation According To Quran And Sunnah”. In this book, he explained the importance of dream in the light of Quran and Sunnah. In this book, he also provides a proper guide for dream interpretation according to references found in Quran and Hadeeths.

Islamic dream interpretation book also cover up the areas of dream interpretation by glorious and renowned Imam of their time.

  • Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq(R.A)
  • Hazrat Ibrahim Kermahi(R.A)
  • Hazrat Imam Ismail(R.A).
  • Hazrat Daniyal(R.A).
  • Hazrat Imam Jaber Maghrabi(R.A).

Existence of dreams in other Religion               

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic Dream interpretation Christianity

Dreams have reality. They are the signs of keeping us aware of our life. Christian dream interpretation is also related to the facts of our daily life. Every religion tells the importance of the existence of dream and their interpretation. Similarly, Christianity also has knowledge about dreams.

According to the Sid, Roth dreams are the call of God. Every and minute object in a dream has its own importance. They have words and power to indicate the directions of your life. On this platform, you will get the knowledge of dreams in the prospect of Christianity. Every color matters a lot, according to Christian dream interpretation.

 Theory of colors in the light of Christian dream interpretation


Red color has a mixture of good and bad interpretation according to the knowledge of Christianity. It shows wisdom and power, whereas its negative interpretation is anger and war.


In the wisdom of Christianity green an indication of growth, prosperity and conscious and also it shows the factor of jealousy and pride.


It is the symbol of purity, love, victory and spiritual energies for the dreamer.

Importance of different objects in the light of Christian dream interpretation

As the dream is the indication of voice or message of God for His good people, its importance cannot be denied


If a person is sleeping and he or she sees jewels in the dream than it is the voice of God for the dreamer that he is a follower of God Almighty.


Lion in a dream in the eye of Christianity is the figure of bravery, loyalty, strong determination, confidence and the leader shipping qualities.


As the home is a place of shelter so in the dream home is the representation of Holy place and prayer such as the Church.


Key in dreamer is the symbol of authority, power to excel in the various fields of life.


To see the horse in the dream is showing your strong strength, power and conquer. It is also a symbol of strong and good defensive plan for wars.

Christian dream interpretation is the answering voice from the Lord for the people who are finding peace and spiritual healing for all the confusions, complications, disappointment and worries. It is a way of linking their inner soul with the teachings of Christianity and to their God.

Islamic Dream interpretation Hindi

Different kind of dreams contains different meanings in reality. Dream meaning in Hindi is quite different. There are many books and magazines available in the market, which explains the nightmare and dreams of different condition thoroughly. Type of dreams matters a lot.Dreams are interpreted in many languages according to the religious point of view.Every dream has its own importance .Dreams play an important role in the real life of  peoples.In Hindi,different categories of dreams are present to help people in interpreting their dream.

Various dream meaning in Hindi

Islamic Dream interpretation Monkey

A dream having a monkey in it shows the extent of faults in person. Monkey also represents culprit or offender. Dream meaning in Hindi with having a monkey in it shows different cases. If a person is fighting with a monkey in a dream shows illness. If a monkey wins, then it means falling of person in incurable illness.

     Meaning of dreams snakes in Hindi

Islamic Dream interpretation

Snakes in a dream represent that people around, possess the threat to the dreamer. It may also show the quality of dreamer, that how strong and smart dreamer is? If snakes bite, then it means the heavy loss is near. Dream meaning in Hindi when a person has caught the snake shows that person is very brave.


Islamic Dream interpretation Marriage dream meaning in Hindi

Dream meaning in Hindi when an unmarried woman sees herself getting married, it represents that a woman is going to be very happy in near future. When a woman sees another woman marrying, it describes jealousy amongst both. It means the birth of a female child when a pregnant woman sees herself getting marry. If a man sees another woman getting married, it means the man is in love with the marrying woman. Marriage in dreams is one of the complicated situation to understand. In Hindi dream  of marriage or wedding shows some depression,anxiety, and negative feelings.

Seeing yourself to being attending the marriage or wedding ceremony  shows the new beginning or  change coming in your current life.If you see the  wedding or marriage cake in  your dream,it shows harmony.Different ideas are present related to dream interpretation of marriage.

Categories of dreams

Basically, there are three major categories of dreams.

  • Good Dream
  • Bad Dream and
  • Self-dream.

Islamic Dream interpretation Good dream

These kinds of the dream are the message or the conveying truth about any situation from the Allah Almighty to His followers. The most of the time dreamer sees these dream at Fajr time. Sometimes Allah Almighty wants to convey the message about something in a dream. These dreams are the guiding stars for the dreamer who tells the way to his master.

Good dreams are  those that  come from Allah Almighty. Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) told us that Good dreams are from Allah and bad dreams are from Shaitan(Satan).Only our true believer are the one who gets good dreams, these are the one which rarely gets these dreams. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) told that Those with the true dreams will be those with the truthful speech.  Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) said that if anyone sees a dream and he likes that dream, He should thanks to Allah for it and tell others about it.
A good dreamer should thank Allah Almighty for that dreams. He should pray more and should be thankful to Allah for that dreams. These are very rear in someone’s life only a good, truthful and a true believer of Allah is chosen for this purpose. He is blessed by the good dream. A person who gets a good dream should tell other peoples which he/she likes and does not tell those people which he dislikes as Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that If one sees a good dream, let him expect good, and not tell it except to those he likes.

Bad DreamIslamic Dream interpretation

A bad dream is the false or untruth facts of life given by Shaytan so that people will remain away from the God. Shaytan promised to Allah Almighty that he will always try to keep His people away from the right path. So if the dreamer sees any kind of bad dream he or she should not tell anyone except the interpreter who has some knowledge and wisdom about Quran.The dreamer should spit on his or her left side shoulder three times and pray to God that He will protect him from the bad rays of this dream.

Every bad dream comes from Shaytan. Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) already told us the steps that dreamer must have to do whenever he sees a bad dream. When someone sees a bad dream he needs to spit on his left side three times, ask Allah for shelter from Shaytan three times and change your side from the side you are sleeping on. If someone sees a bad dream than he needs to offer a prayer as soon as possible.
If someone has a dream which he dislikes, then he needs to remember that such dreams only come from Shaytan. Dreamer should not tell anyone about that dream, by doing that he will not gain the harm from the dream that he will be going to face. If a dreamer tells someone about his bad dream then it can be a chance that he will gain some harm.
If someone lies about the dream that he did not have then he will gain severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection. Dreams from Satan have no importance and we are advised to ignore them from our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). You can prevent from seeing bad dreams by reciting verses from the Quran and dua’s delivered to us by Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

Islamic Dream interpretation Self-dream

Self-dreams are the creation of our own thinking or wishes. Sometimes the things that we want in our life to do but unable to get them we visualize in our dream. So self-dream is the self-created dream of one’s own.

Dreams from one’s Self or it are also called as One’s own mind. These kinds of dreams are also called as “Dreams from Nafs”. This is a type of dream in Islam that means, these dreams are the result of one’s own thinking. These dreams are mixed up dreams that have no real significance or meaning when it comes to interpretation. These are basically the creation of one’s own mind. According to the description of Ibn e Khuldun, Self dreams are pictures in the imagination during sleeping. These pictures come out from intellectual visions so called as dream visions. Sometimes it may happen that some wish or some incident that have some effect on her mind, then we saw those things in our imagination while sleeping.
Any think which occupies our mind for a long time, any extreme wish, any fear which might be preserved in some corner of our brain might turn up in strange shapes during the dream. These dreams deal with our near or distant past and have nothing do with future. These dreams also have subcategories like. As a result of some fear, a person saw such dream in which he gets afraid, similarly constant thinking on some subject also have some influence on the thinking of a person that he saw in a dream.

Other categories of dream

Other kinds of dream are

  • Animals dreams
  • Baby dreams.

Islamic Dream interpretation Animals dream

As a Muslim, we all have believed that Quran is a miracle book and cover-up all the major aspects of life. So the interpretation of the animal dream is also a complete science in the light of Islam. We see different animals in our dreams. The animal actions in our dreams have a greater impact on our life. Depending on the situation of animals in our dreams we can easily interpret it according to the knowledge of Islam. Human’s dreams about animals have revealed much about the meaning of a particular dream. Animals represent your deeper emotions and desires. Different animals have a different interpretation. As if someone sees an alligator then it shows that some distress or some conflict condition will be present. If someone sees a bear than it is the symbol of some danger. Dreaming of a bull means that you have greater energy to fight with any problem. If some see his-self riding on a lion’s back it means that he/she will ride on a high tide. So different animals symbolize different interpretation of Islam.

Islamic Dream interpretation Baby dreams

Dream science in Islam is really an infinite field. Dream about the baby, in general, reflects protection and safety. Carrying a baby irrespective of baby boy and girl in the dream is a symbol that some though situation may occur and shows that in future the person may have to take some burden for a while and then after many hardships he/she will get success. Similarly, if someone sees a baby carrying in someone’s arms then it means that victory will come for him or her. Similarly, baby dreaming sometimes also shows weak enemy who sometimes shows friendliness but meanwhile internally in a state of enmity If someone in the dream sees that his wife is giving birth to a baby and baby is playing around him then it means some misfortune or bad time will come. Carrying a baby also shows investment and financial investment. Dreaming of loss of a baby indicates opposite in a real life. It also means joys, pleasures and earning.

Islamic Dream Interpretation of different Symbols

Dreaming of fire in Islamic point of view

A dream is a combination of different elements. Dreaming of fire is also one of the elements that most of the time dreamer sees in their dream. Fire is a symbol of purity. Fire is a factor that not only represents bad happenings but also shows good happenings. Dreaming of fire shows different interpretations. In a specific way, it is a symbol of purification, regeneration, revival and destruction. Fire is also an identity of changes in life. Dreaming of fire also shows the anger element of a person. Fire symbol is unique in its interpretation as many aspects of real life is related to this object.

Islamic Dream interpretation Meanings of Fire dreams

Dreaming of Fire has various meanings depending upon the different objects in the dream. Many people see a fire in the form of flames, some see a fire in campfire form, some sees burning of some object, some sees firecrackers, so people reports many different orientations of fire in the dream. If someone sees a fire in a dream it may reflect love, glad tidings, a warning, war, sins and power.

Common Dreams about Fire

  1. Dreaming about the house or some building on fire.
  2. Dreaming that you are in hell.
  3. Escaping from a bush fire.
  4. Seeing a fire engine.

Dreaming of fire generally shows love and care but different factors make this subject a huge area to understand. Islamic interpretation deeply explains this symbol according to the teachings of Islam.If anyone sees a fire in the dream then he should get its proper interpretation from some knowledgeable person.

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic dream interpretation of dog attack

Dream interpretation dog attack means that in a dream, a dog consists a showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect man. Who has the courage to do something to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of in wicked and immoral actions?

During the dream, if he barks in the dream, it means that such a man is rude and has an arousing intense distaste and a causing moral revulsion character. A dog grip a surface. Or his strike out with a pen or pencil in a dream means physical injury caused by one’s enemy. And its consequence of an action or other cause will depend on the size of injury one be subjected to in the dream. If the Dream you see dogs fangs you indicate that for you disagreement some person either in marriage or business. If you hear the barking of dogs, denotes that news of a resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection.

Islamic Dream Interpretation of dreaming about babies

There are several of the meaning associated with the dream about babies. When you saw a baby in your dream it indicates the new beginning. It also indicates the innocence, warmth. Babies indicate something about your inner nature that is pure. Dream about babies also symbolize the new ways of thinking and the new ideas.  Baby’s dreams indicate to discovering new abilities. Seeing a baby in your dream shows you all the good and pure things inside you. When you see a crying baby in your dream it indicates that a part of yourself that is poor attention. This type of dreams comes when you cannot pay attention and neglected them. If you are planning for the future having kids you must have to experience real fear about your ability to care for them. When you see a dancing baby in your dream it symbolizes good thought about your future possibilities. You have high hope for the future of your children’s.

Islamic Dream Interpretation about Ghosts in dreamIslamic Dream interpretation

This is a symbol that describes the Dream interpretation ghost. What does dream about ghost mean? A ghost in the dream signifies your internal fear and terrors. Seeing ghost in the dream means that you are having some kind of fear in your life. It also shows that you have some kind regret of something which you have done in the past. It also signifies that you have the fear death of someone or yourself.

Dream interpretation ghost defines that you are feeling very sad and you think that you are cut from everything in the world. You are feeling alone. You should connect to the other peoples for this matter and tell the closest person in your life.

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic Dream Interpretation Earthquake

If a dreamer sees an earthquake in his dream it may mean that he is going to go on a trip to someplace either for work or some other thing. This dream can also mean that he is going to participate in dancing, it can also mean that the dreamer is daydreaming for his livelihood. This dream can also mean that the dreamer is going to cross talk with someone’s family.

If he sees that the wreckage is going towards the downtown area, it means that the livelihood is going to increase for labor who work in construction companies. Seeing that the earthquake is causing destruction in fruit farm means that he is going to get a crop with rich production of food.

Islamic Dream Interpretation about the sweet fruitsIslamic Dream interpretation

If a person sees a sweet fruit in the dream it means that is signified blessing increase in knowledge or the should have money.

If a person sees a sour fruit in the dream it also means the same as of the sweet fruit. It depends on the taste of the dreamer how the dreamer like that fruit. If the dreamer sees that the person is having a fruit in the dream means that the person will be successful in life and does not earn his living by an illegal way.

If a person sees in the dream that the in the winter season it signifies that the dreamer will find a project or a job in his professional life through some friend or relative. This project or job only takes time and the dreamer does not anything from it.

If persons see a dream that he/she is drinking a fruit shake or fruit juices it means that the dreamer is having some amount of due to him which he has to give to another person. If the dreamer is in the foreign country, he/she will be having so much trouble living there.

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic Dream Interpretation about the Meat

Islam is a religion that gives information about all the chapters of life. Islamic dream interpretation meat also has its own importance in life. Dreams have some impact, existence and purpose depending on the situation and condition of a person. Different people see different types of dreams. Every dream has its Tabeer present in Islam .
It is necessary that there must be a proper interpretation of a dream. Meat is also in the category of food. Food is also one factor that affects the eating habits and sleep of a person in real life. Interpretation of meat in Islam has various categories in which the symbol description is covering all the possible interpretations.

  • Swallowing fox meat: According to Islam, if you see fox meat it means that a person will get ill and recover up soon.
  • Eating Duck meat: That a person will receive money from slave women or servants or will be blessed with rich women.
  • Eating Falcon Meat: It means that a person will get money from the king or any supreme authority.
  • Cooked Meat: It means that a person will get money.
  • Beef: It means that some trouble or, lack of business and unemployment problems will come in life.

Dream Interpretation about the dangerous symbol AlligatorIslamic Dream interpretation

If a person sees an alligator in the dream it means that a sensible person which guide other peoples which are in trouble in their life.

Other Situations of Dream interpretation alligator

If a person sees a dream that the alligator is in the water it means that the person cannot be a trustful person anyone can trust that person either he is a friend or an enemy.An alligator in the dream means a crook or an untrusted merchant.

If an alligator pulls the person into the water and kills him in the dream it signifies that corrupt policemen or a corrupt person will kill the dreamer. It also tells that the corrupt policemen or a corrupt person steal all of the property of the dreamer. If a person is eating a meat or flesh of an alligator in the or the person is pulling and alligator out of the water it means that the person will have a victory over his enemy.

Islamic Dream Interpretation about Snakes in dream

If a person sees a snake in the dream that the person is having hate for the relative or neighbor, or represents evil or jealousy thought for someone.  A sneak in the dream means that an enemy is sleeping and going to attack you soon.

Other situations of seeing a snake in your dream Islam

If a person does not have justice and he sees a water snake in the dream it means that person is getting some help from some source which helps him get justice.

Seeing a snake in your dream Islam means that if the person owns a snake it describes that he/she is gaining some money. This money could either come from his enemy or the person is getting some joy or happiness.

If a person sees that he is wearing a snake skin in the dream it means that the dreamer should be revealing the true face his enemy to the people.

If a person sees a white snake in the dream it means a small enemy is coming in the life of the dreamer. A small tension is coming from that enemy.

If a person sees a snake is talking to pleasant things to him it means that the dreamer is getting some benefits from his enemy or he will gain money from that enemy.

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic Dream Interpretation about the symbol Flood

You can find different meanings about the dream of flood according to the situation and kind of a dream. Seeing this dream suggests that the enemy of a dreamer is going to create violence. It can also mean that the dreamer is going to get damage and annihilation from his enemy. Seeing floods in dreams indicates that he is going to set ride on striving tour. Seeing water goes towards the river indicates that he will get a chance to run away from a very aggressive foe. If someone sees that he is gathering water of a flood and the people around are pleased on his act. Means that he will get nutrition from people in richness.

If a dreamer sees that he is doing battle with a flood and stopping it from entering into a house, means that he will fight with someone to guard somebody’s household. Viewing a dream of flood inside a house represents that the actions that he did before will provide his advantages in the near future. Seeing floods in dreams represent dishonesty and falseness.

  • Seeing dream of the flood when there is no season for flood, indicates that the dreamer is showing results of cerebral effects.
  • This dream can also mean that the dreamer is ensuing spiritual revolutions. Dream of flood outside the house and the dreamer is swimming to come from his house, indicates that he will set himself free from a cruel.

Islamic Dream Interpretation about the scary SpiderIslamic Dream interpretation

Spider belongs to the kingdom of animals. Dream interpretation spiders is a figure of feminine energy and creativity. The spider in the dream shows that the creativity is your key talent that opens new horizons of success in your life. The seeing abundance of spiders in the dream shows the controlling power. A spider in a dream represents a weaver, an ascetic or a monk. Dream interpretation spiders also show that the person will meet with a religious or pious person. The detail about dream interpretation spiders is completely discussed in this article.

Spiders in a dream also show the pleasing wife. If a dreamer sees the spiders hanging down from the ceiling in a dream, it indicates a severe winter in that area. The manipulation of the symbol spider in a dream also shows the worries circling around your life. Spiders in a dream also show irrational beliefs and your inner insecurities that prevent you from achieving your goal in life. Dream interpretation spiders show financial benefits and good luck.

If the dreamer sees a spider on any part of the body shows the power feminine power.Dream about spider coming out of your mouth and throat or eating spider reflects your power to handle any situation. Seeing the eggs of the spider in a dream shows that you are lacking some potential in life.If someone sees the spider coming out of the egg it means that you are using your vision in a good manner to get prosperity in your life.

Islamic Dream interpretation Islamic Dream Interpretation about naughty but beautiful Birds

What is the representation of birds in dream?.Dream about birds has different cycles to interpret that have some existence in our life.The general interpretation of the dream about birds is that it is the sign of  your goals ,hope,love, and urge to achieve something  in your life.It gives you information about the bright colors of your life full of joys and happiness.Many people in their life see the dream about birds and are very queries to know about its interpretation.Dream about birds indicates wisdom,harmony,full of positive energies to get your desired goals and liberation.

Most of the time the birds symbolically represented as:

  • A sign of freedom and release from something troublemaking.
  • A great source of creativity and artistic exposure.
  • A sign of spirituality.
  • A power of high imagination.
  • A symbol of wisdom and knowledge.
  • A higher ideals and noble character.

A collection of  some common symbols  is described above while  more symbols have their own power to speak. Islamic dream interpretation is a medium of providing the knowledge related to other symbols too. Islamic dream interpretation logically provides the importance of symbols.Dreams are the reflection of our subconscious state that hides many mysteries related to tour life. Islamic dream interpretation is full of wisdom and knowledge to give route map to the dreamer who has some quest or thirst to explore his dream and interpret his dream symbol.

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