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Meaning of Dream


Dream is an imaginary world. Meaning of dream is a combination of our thoughts,images, and feelings. These are called the visionary creation of the imagination. Dream are the cyclic process that person go through at night at sleeping hour. REM is the rapid eye movement. The insight view of the dreamer thoughts can be view in the form of dreams. Dreams have meaning and sensibility.

Meaning of Dream

Meaning of dream is very important. Each object in the dream has a complete logical interpretation. It is necessary to discuss every minute detail of the dream. Interpretation matters a lot and it varies according to the situation and condition of the dreamer. If a dreamer sees a snake in his dream it is indicated as a danger for someone but on the other hand, it is a good luck. Dreams have existence as its importance is clearly mentioned in Quran.Dream are just like alphabets that each word have its own identity or reflection. According to carl Jung

“The dream is a series of images, which are apparently contradictory and nonsensical but arise in reality from a psychological material which yields a clear meaning.”

There are three types of  meaning of dreams according to Islamic knowledge.

  • Good dream
  • Bad dream
  • Self dream.

Good Dream

Good dreams are those which usually falls at the time of fajir. These dreams are a reminder of messages of Allah Almighty for His followers.

Bad dreams

Bad dreams are from shaitan. The person feels fear and wakes up from the deep sleep. The energy of negative feelings surrounded the dreamer and making his subconscious state a home of evil. So it is said that if a person sees a bad dream he should not discuss it with anyone. Instead of this he should spit on his left side and pray to Allah Almighty that He will protect him from negative energies of Shaitan.


Self-dream is created by our own thinking. The things that are present in our subconscious state of mind comes out when we sleep in the form of images in dreams. Some goals that we cannot achieve in our life comes out in the form of a dream.

Meaning of dream is a vast area to discuss. Every meaning has its own meaning determining the destination of the dreamer. A dream has its own meaning. In every detail related to dream is important to discuss with the interpreter.

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