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Water dream interpretation-A flow of life


Water is the reflection of  purity.Water dream interpretation is one of the common  symbols in dreams.Water is the representation of something new,transitional changes ,death and taking birth again.This symbol is mostly related to the emotions.Water tells us the thinking of the subconscious state of mind .It tells the flow of life energies or your goal in life.Water dream interpretation has both the sides positive and negative aspects associated with our life circle.

Water in the dream shows your inner energies or hidden spiritual rebirth.Dreaming about water have some influence on the life of the dreamer.It is the message for dreamer about the sudden or transitional changes coming in his life.Water is present in different colors and shapes.It is necessary to visualize all the important factors related to the interpretation of water .Water takes the shape of oceans
,rivers, and floods.water dream interpretation-A flow of life

Important symbols associated with Water dream

Swimming in clear Water

Swimming in water is the symbol of success and good luck for a dreamer.It also shows the beginning of something new.It shows that you are trying harder in your life to make  your life successful.Whereas swimming in a muddy water or dirty water shows the failures and problems in the life of the dreamer.

Colors of water

Colors have some significance in a dream.Water in different colors reflects a lot of meaningful description.The dark blue color of water shows the deep unconscious emotional feelings due to which you are feeling a heavy load on yourself.The red color of the water in the dream shows the state of great anger of the dreamer.If the dreamer sees the water unclear or brown in color it shows the obstacles that capture the life of the  dreamer.

Water in the form of Rivers.

If the dreamer sees water in the river form it shows some journey or traveling.If the river is flowing so fast it means that dreamer should be ready for the sudden changes.If the speed of the flowing water of the river is slow it means that the dreamer will never lose control on transitional sudden changes and handle the changes so nicely.

Taking bath or shower

This symbol in the dream shows that the dreamer should take care of health.He should avoid taking stress in his life.

Flood in dream

To see the flood in the dream is the symbol of emotionally unstable.It seems that the dreamer is in depression.It also means that dreamer has to face many critics upon himself that make him stressful or depressed.

Water in the form of Rain

To see rain in the dream is the representation of worries and sadness.It shows that in past dreamer have to face some difficulties due to which emotionally he or she become sad.

Water dream interpretation is not only limited to the subconscious state of mind but it also tells us about many different prospects of our life.In some cases it also shows some spiritual help,unhappiness unknown challenges in your life,danger,fear,aggression,stress and feeling uncomfortable in some situation.

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