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what does it mean if you dream about death


We often see in our dream the death of someone special.Dream about death is the indication of something that is going towards the journey of ending and starting of a new beginning in your life.Many people get scared when they saw the symbol death in their dream.Death is not only the symbol of sorrow,fear or sadness but it shows the birth of something new coming  in your life.It also shows you  solution hints related to your depression and  anger.So dream about death is a deep and complex symbol in understanding its meanings.

Indication of dream about death

Dreaming about death is an indication of phase or cycle that is going  on ending  side and a ray of the new morning is going to enter in your life.The new beginning  depends on upon the  nature of your  job and opportunities that are welcoming you.The meaning of death shows something unique and surprising.Death dreams are about  changes and transformation.Showing the death of a relationship that is no more exist in real life shows that  both the partners are getting involve in the new relationship.Dreaming about the death of  some family member shows the reflection of your bad habits.If the dreamer sees the ex-husband or boyfriend  has died,it means that the person wants to get rid of his relationship.Seeing your  alive parents died in dream gives you the hint about your relationship with your parents.Seeing the death of  your teenage son in the dream shows your own self-discovery.

Death shows escape

To dream about the death shows that the dreamer wants to get escape from the needs and demands of  daily life.This  indicates some stress,responsibilities and a painful relationship on the dreamer.

Death shows warning

The scary and alarming nature of death shows  some sort of wake-up call  for something.It shows the thinking way  of solving any matter.It also shows the warning about your health.

Death as a symbol of self-sacrifices

In a dream,the death shows your sacrifices that you make for other people.It means that you always give importance to fulfill the needs of other at a first  priority level.

Death shows  missing characteristic

In the dream, if you see the death of your loved one  shows that you are lacking the behavior of  love and care towards your  loved one.

Dream about death babies

This symbol shows your love,care and responsibility sense about your children.It shows parents concerns and insecureness about their children.

Dream about death is a symbolic representation of new start.It shows the transformational changes in your behavior,job, and relationships.what does it mean if you dream about death

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