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What does it means when you have a Moon Dream


If there is the moon in your dream, then it indicates the things of unknown origin. Moon dream mostly describes the positive aspects of life. Sometimes, moon dream represents feminine intentions. Moon dream also describes love affection. There are many meanings of moon dream which can be extracted from it. Dreaming of the moon also signifies your changing in the mood. If the moon in the dream focuses on some specific direction, then it means that the dreamer is being guided unilaterally. Having dreamed of the moon is considered as a lucky for you.

What does it means when you have a Moon Dream

Two Moon Dream

If someone has dreamt two moons, then is means that the dreamer is being confused by getting pulled in two different directions. Two moon shows two directions or two believes. It shows the confusion of dreamer. Moon in the dream is positive kind of dream but two moons might not be that good. Moons in a dream represent the extremes of any two things which is irritating the dreamer. If a dreamer has five moons in a dream then it represents the most unordered state.

Seeing full moon in dream Islam

Moon dream sometimes has a very good effect on the mind of the dreamer. Such as full moon dream represents the romantic or pleasant scene in a dream. It shows that the dreamer has something, which is worthy for the dreamer. The full moon might not have much worth for the dreamer but the sense of relaxation and content shows that dreamer is good.


Moonlight in a dream represents that the dreamer is heading the right way. It shows that the dreamer is passing off dark times and heading towards the bright time.


Wearing or having moonstone in a dream shows the positive aspects of life. Moonstone shows wealth and prosperity.

Moon bow

Moon dream in the form of moonbow represents the spiritual and sentimental characteristics relating to your personality.

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