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What does the symbol dream of funeral shows


In real life, funeral is a symbol of sorrow and sadness.Dream of  funeral is  a very common dream that shows the inner fear of something unsudden and unplanned happened.Dream of funeral denotes an unhappy marriage.Dream of attending a funeral may symbolize the ending of a relationship.It also shows that someone is trying to hide its emotions and feelings.In dreaming about funeral, the dreamer sees the death scene with the pictorial view of burial and death.So the dream of funeral represents different interpretation depending upon the situation of the dreamer.

What do funeral dreams mean?

Most of the time these dream shows the inner fear that someone will die.If someone sees the funeral of  a stranger,it shows that unexpected worries will surround your life.To see the  funeral of a child in a dream represents the good health of your family but it also shows some disappointment from your best friend.If the dreamer seeWhat does the symbol dream of funeral showss the funeral of any relative,this symbol shows some health issues like nervous troubles and family worries.To see a funeral crossing the marketplace in a dream shows the decrease in the business profit.If someone sees in the dream that he is joining the funeral ,it means that he will spread brotherhood and do good things in society  in order to get the will of  Allah Almighty.If the dreamer in dream serves the funeral till the burial and the closing of the grave,it means that he will get more rewards in his life from Allah Almighty.In dream seeing the funeral prayers for some unknown person mean having opportunities of the job for the jobless person and getting profits from a partnership.

Common symbols related to dream of funeral

Most of the symbol associated with a funeral dream are discussed in this section.

Funeral of one’s own parents

Dreaming of  funeral of one’s own parents indicates your movement towards independence and getting out of your past that is full of  pain.

Dream about coffin

If someone sees the dream about coffin it shows a financial increase,victory,and leadership position.It also shows the death of a someone having knowledge and wisdom but people of that area are not aware of his death.

Funeral in a sunny day and a rainy day

If the dreamer sees that he is attending the funeral of his friend or some relative in a sunny day ,it represents prosperity ,happiness ,a new job, and good luck.On the other side if he is in a
funeral on some rainy day it is the symbol of bad luck for him.It shows that negative rays will surround his life.

Mourning at a funeral

This symbol shows that you are not getting escape from your past.Mourning at a funeral also shows bad luck,grief, and sorrow.

Dream of funeral is not only the symbol of bad things or fear of losing your loved one but it is the significance of a new bright future and What does the symbol dream of funeral showsgood luck.Funeral in the dream shows prosperity,joys,something painful is ending and new life is welcoming you.It is not only the view of the death of physical life but shows the ending of a relationship that has no meaning in your life.

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