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What is Islamic dream interpretation flood


What is Islamic dream interpretation flood

Water is the universal symbol of the feelings and emotions. It represents feeling or of emotions for some person. The flood in the dreams means that a great amount of feeling is coming towards the dreamer.

Islamic dream interpretation flood other situations

If the flood is pleasant and soothing, then it means that it will have the positive feelings for the dreamer and should have involved in loving our romance.

Islamic dream interpretation flood means that person which is dreaming about the flood have a strong feeling and rough in nature.

If a person sees a flood in the dream it means that old phases of life are washing away and a new chapter of life is going to start in the dreamer life. It means that old grief of the dreamer is going away and new things and happiness coming in the life of the dreamer.

If a person sees his hometown flooded with the blood it means that Allah is not happy with the people living there and Allah is going to punish the peoples of that town for the sins they have committed.

If someone sees in that he is collecting the water of a flood in a jar or something it means that he is having the great amount food is available for that person and it is easy to get the food for himself.

If a person sees a dream of the flood, it means that a means that danger or attack of an enemy is coming towards the dreamer. If the water of the flood is flowing toward the river without harming the peoples it means that the dreamer is safe from the enemy attack or the enemy of him is gone. If someone is struggling to save the water from the coming to their home it means that he should be conscious that an enemy attack is coming toward the dreamer of a great pain or grief is moving toward the dreamer.

What is Islamic dream interpretation flood

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