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Dream Interpretation Crying


There are many ways to associate the symbol crying with the life circle. Dream interpretation crying is a deep subject to understand the logic behind this symbol.  Every object as its two major factors. Positive aspects and negative aspects. Both the factors are related to the waking life of the dreamer. Seeing that you are crying in the dream is the significance of releasing the negative emotional feelings. Crying in a dream is the representation of the gestures of sorrow, distress, and worries in a negative aspect, but this symbol is not only related to the bad omen also shows happiness and joys depending upon the situation of the dreamer. Dream interpretation crying is completely explained in this topic.

Dream Interpretation Crying-Emotions flowing in the waterSignificance of the meaning of dream interpretation crying

Crying is the feeling of inner pain that is released in the form of water like fluid. Water shows the deepest emotions. It shows the sensitive nature of the dreamer.  Dreams about crying uncontrollably are showing that the dreamer is extremely frustrated and sad.  It is the way of gaining emotional balance again. The dreamer feels so good when he shed the tears in a dream. 
To see the tears in a dream is the indication of disappointment and releasing of fear. To see the tears of happiness in the dream is the reflection of letting down the fear and your ambitions in life. It shows that you get to escape from some bad situation or feeling and getting appreciation on it. 
After waking, seeing yourself crying is showing that you get hurt by someone and going through the phase of some kind of trauma.  The tears in dream show emotional healing and spiritual feeling of cleaning body and soul.

In the dream, if your loved one or some friend is crying it reflects that your loved one is blaming about his own emotional feelings of others.

Meaning of dream interpretation crying in Hindi

In every culture, dream interpretation is important to interpret.  In Swapna Shastra which is the Hindu scripture the crying, a symbol is the signal of happiness.  It shows that the time duration that is full of grief is now going to the ending destination.  The voice of happiness and joys are welcoming you.  Weeping or crying in a dream is the verification of fun and joy in reality.  It shows the ending of all problems.

If the dreamer sees the woman or girl is wiping out the dream means the dreamer has to face some sort of scandal in the future.

Dream interpretation crying is the conclusion of many things. It shows that the dreamer should rethink about the matter of life and then take the decision.  Crying in a dream is the symbol of stress, frustration, and fear.

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