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Dream Interpretation Dead Body


Dead bodies in the dream is a horrible and shocking nightmare in the sleeping hour. Dream interpretation dead body is related to our thoughts and changes in our life. Dreaming of the dead body is an implication of lots of hard work needed to get success in our life. Death is the realization factor of sudden sadness and worries.
It shows the spiritual health of the person. Dream interpretation dead body is the reflection of the careless attitude of the dreamer. According to other interpretation death in a dream is the symbol of something new or renewal of new beginning and let go of the bad memories of the past.

dream interpretation dead body -A shocking tragedyWhat does the dream interpretation dead body symbolize?

If the person sees himself be dead in the dream it shows the new beginning or new journey of life. All the past memories went gone that makes you sad. To see the dream of the dead is usually the dream of warning. This shows that your relationship with your father not good. Most common dream associated with the symbol dead body are.

  • The dead body of some unknown person.
  • Seen several dead bodies in the dream.
  • The dead body of the person you know.
  • Spoken with the dead person.
  • Smelled a bad smelling corpse.

To see more than one dead bodies is the sign of warning to remain to be careful because some people will cheat you in future. It also shows the worries sorrowful tidings coming in your life. It is the symbol of money loses in business. If you dream about the death ending it shows that your destination is not clear. You must clear your goals and follow the direction in order to achieve your goals.
If the dreamer sees the person who died a long time ago it shows that you still remember the qualities and abilities of that person. To see your parents in the dead position it shows that you feel a fear of losing your parents. If you see the life partner as dead, it means that your partner is not good in keeping promises. If you see the dead body of your relatives it shows that you are feeling problems in your family relationship. Obstacles or hardness are surrounding you.

Dream interpretation dead body or corpse is the indication of lack of confidence if the woman sees in the dream. It is the beginning of something new coming in the life of the dreamer.

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