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Dream Interpretation Eyes


Dream interpretation eyes

The eyes are the reflection of the inner self. Dream interpretation eyes are the indication of wealth and religious interests. Eyes are one of the best features of the personality. Eyes give you the vision to see many things. Dreaming about eyes shows the intellectual thought, wisdom, and power. Eyes are always the symbol of knowledge and also shows the best way of earning money.Dream Interpretation Eyes - Islamic Dream Solutions

Dream interpretation eyes explanation

Different colors of eyes reflect various aspects of the dreamer.In Dream Interpretation Eyes Seeing your own eyes in the mirror or in the dream shows that you are getting much aware of yourself.

islamic dream interpretationIt shows that you are getting knowledge about your inner hidden talents. If the dreamer sees someone else dream interpretation white eyes in the dream it means that you think a lot of about your loved one or whom you love too much. To see many eyes in the dream shows that the dreamer is feeling confused. It shows that you are not able to complete your task due to this that many people are judging you or watching you. To see the black color eye in your dream shows that you have some inner conflict with your friend or someone else.

Dream interpretation of Cat eyes

If the dreamer sees the eyes of the cat in the dream it means that the dreamer has the potential to find his way even in darkness or in troubles. To dream about the cat having glowing blue eyes reflects your fear and anxiety.

Dreaming about Eyebrows

Dreaming about eyebrows in the dream is showing the lack of believe or doubts about someone. If the dreamer sees that he or she has no eyebrows, it means that the dreamer feels difficulties in explaining himself or herself emotionally.

Dreaming about blue eyes

Dreaming about blue color eyes means that you are passing through some grief or pain or some kind of depression state. It also shows your power to express the romance with your loved one.

Dream interpretation eyes are the indication of knowledge, wisdom and many other various aspects of the dreamer. It also shows your vision of achieving your goals in life and success.

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