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Dreaming about cockroach is bit scary !


Dreaming about cockroach is bit scary it can be a warning! See HowCockroach belongs to the  family of insects.Dreaming about cockroach is a mark of your inner cleanness.Cockroach in your house is a symbolic representation of  uncleanness and  lack of  morality.It shows the need of cleaning your thoughts and your inner soul. Let them a way of growing in a pure air.Seeing  cockroach in bed shows that the person has unclean sexual thought and desires.Dreaming about cockroach in wild shows the longevity,potentials to survive in bad circumstances and achieving respect in your  life.Interpretation about dreaming of cockroach varies according to the process of stages through which  the person went during his sleep hours.

General interpretation of  dreaming about cockroach

Dreaming about cockroaches shows the uncleanness  factor of your thought, the capacity to quickly recover from some uncomfortable or disturbing situation and potentials to  face the reality in your life.To dream about  the cockroach in a dream also shows  your partner shipping in  business with some wealthy and respectable person.The vision of this symbol  shows  your prosperity range in your life like an opening of some jackpot in the lottery or receive a high raise  in salary or bonus.This symbol shows the different aspects of your life.Following are some common interpretations related to the interaction of dreaming about cockroaches.

Eating a cockroach

Seeing yourself eating a cockroach  in your mouth in the dream shows that you are using extremely unclean objects in your daily life.That may become a greater cause of mental and physical illness.

Killing a cockroach

Killing a cockroach in a dream reflects  your transformational changes occurring in your life  that  shows your attention moving towards bad habits.It also shows  your mixing  with bad  people.Another interpretation of this dream is that it gives you clues about handling different situations .

Searching a cockroach

If you see in a dream that you are searching  a cockroach that may hide but suddenly you get the glimpse of it,shows your abilities and intelligence state of yourself.This shows your hidden talent.

Cockroach bite

In your dream, if you see that the cockroach is biting on your body,it shows that in your life you have to face the difficulty that is not pre-planned.

Cockroach dying

This symbol shows that you are getting irritate of your own bad habits and trying to get rid of them.

Flying cockroach

Flying cockroach shows that some bad energies are coming to cover your life.

Fighting cockroach

If someone dreams that two cockroaches are fighting with each other,it shows that you are passing from spiritual conflicts.It shows your attentions towards bad thinking.

White cockroach

It shows that some other person will break your trust level.The person will show himself to be very sincere in front of you  pure as white but in fact, he is betraying you.

Cockroach Eggs

Tiny baby or cockroach Eggs  are interpreted as the  indication of bad luck that will surround your life.

Dreaming about cockroach gives you hint about your thinking capabilities,inner soul cleanness and your potentials to deal with different matters.

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