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Interpretation of falling in a dream in Islam


Dream about falling from any place is a very common dream.Falling in  a dream in Islam during bedtime shows  your relationship,career, and financial conditions.Falling dreams mostly show the depression condition of a person.The interpretation of falling in a dream depends on the place or object that the dreamer sees during the phase of dreaming  cycle. Generally, this symbol shows the insecurities, unstable life,sadness and fear of the dreamer.While dreaming this thing matters a lot that from where you are falling down,from any cliff,building ,a rooftop,an airplane or from some higher place.

What does dreaming about falling mean

In most dreams,falling suggests a loss of control in any situation.It also shows that you are losing control on the factors that will make your personal  relationship with your partner complicated or your needs are not easily fulfilling.

Falling in a dream also shows your insecurities ,stability in your life and confidence level.It shows your mental abilities.It shows that you are confused about your  relationship or maybe you are in a condition where the chances of losing your job are more.This fear of losing of the job  makes you feel that the ground is falling down.On another hand ,it also shows the inner abilities that you are going to lose such as self-esteem.

One interpretation about falling in a dream is that it is some kind of  wake-up call for the dreamer to see his careless behavior or bad decisions.This shows that you are going on the wrong path that will in future  make your life full of obstacles and hardships.Seeing  yourself being falling down in the dream represents that the dreamer will lose his grace and respect.Falling dreams also suggest the sexual needs.

Dreaming about falling into the wellInterpretation of falling in a dream in Islam

If the dreamer sees  himself falling into the well,it shows that grief and sorrow will capture him ,but suddenly he will get escape from them and his life will turn into series of happiness,joys, and victories.

Dreaming about falling from cliff

If the dreamer sees that he is falling  down from some cliff,it shows the fear of getting fail and losing to achieve goals in life.Due to this fear, you will lose all control over your life.It shows that you are  passing from some problems in your workplace that will be a great source of hindrance to getting success.This dream also shows the loss of money in the future life.

Dreaming about falling from bridge

If the dreamer sees that he is falling from some bridge,it shows that something in your mind is making your life complicated.This is also affecting you emotionally and physically too.Your mind condition will affect you so badly that you are getting stressful and losing your sleep.

Dreaming about falling in water

In your dream,you see that you are falling into the flow of water,it indicates that you are getting tired  from your own emotional phase which is going to stop you to see the things clearly and also becoming a cause of affecting your mood.

Dreaming about falling from some high altitude

Dreaming about falling from some altitude,or from elevated building or some tall tree shows negative waves coming to capture you.It shows that you will face chains of problems coming to surround you.on the other side dreaming about falling from some low height like table shows that you  will face obstacles,but again take balance over your difficulties.

Falling in a dream is a deep section of interpretation  according to Islamic point of view.In order to understand this symbol,it is needed that one should  keep observation about itself completely and its surroundings.Many things matter while interpreting this symbol that is related to the real world.
Interpretation of falling in a dream in Islam

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