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Interpretation of Missing teeth dream


As a different condition in dreams represents different circumstances in reality. In this way, missing teeth dream shows totally different condition regarding the life of the dreamer. As the teeth are an important part of human body, especially the face. Face’s beauty and smile are complete with complete teeth. They always get a lot of attention. Missing teeth dream can also represent the key issues related to dreamer’s body. Missing teeth dream is not just about face, but it is about the whole body. It indicates that body is going to experience health issues or dreamer can be through the pain.Interpretation of Missing teeth dream

Different Missing Teeth dreams

Teeth crumbling dream

Teeth crumbling dream represents the powerlessness of the dreamer. It means that if the teeth are crumbling in the dream then dreamer will experience a lack of authority or the dreamer could be defenseless. It describes the position of a dreamer as a feeble person, in a helpless condition. It reflects about meekness of the person. The inadequate condition of the dreamer could be regarding the health, financial position, family matter, fear of aging of the body, decision making, compromises being made, work related or could be about body image. Teeth crumbling dream shows alarming situation. It shows that something is going to desperate.

Dreams about teeth falling out

Dreams about teeth falling out show alteration in the real life of the dreamer. It shows that some conversion is taking place. It represents dreamer’s anxiety about something getting old. Or describes the fear of dreamer of getting old. It shows the insecurities of the dreamer. Such kind of dreams shows the dealing which is costly and being in the loss. It can also be about getting rid of old ways of doing work by replacing them with new ways. Falling out teeth also means that some decisions that have been made proved to be very costly or harmful.

Losing teeth dream and death

Losing teeth dream represents anxiety and discomfort of the dreamer about his life or life of someone inside or outside of the family. Missing teeth dream can be very confusing for the dreamer to understand. Losing teeth can also mean that someone’s life is in danger known to the dreamer.

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